Tuesday, April 23

Bakery Cafe HACHI @ 1 Mont Kiara

a Japanese bakery, with a modern and Japanese-style interior, that sells lots of Japanese bread and buns. ~ Bakery Cafe HACHI
For their bread loaf, they use a special technique to make it soft and with mochi-like texture. Even after storing it in the freezer and toasting, it will still be soft and retain its mochi-like texture.
Good news for you!!! 1 Mont Kiara is having their anniversary Party on 11 May (Saturday) and you will get 20% off on all their products and FREE cash voucher. The event will start from 8am to 9pm.
It's my first visit and I love their Japanese-style with a hint of modern taste interior.

There are so many choices here!

 spotted one of my favourite bread here!

so surprise to see NAMELAKA here as they just signed a collaboration with Bakery Cafe HACHI.

 I ordered a cuppa Hot Mocha to compliment with my burger.

 Yakisoba ( Japanese stir fry noodles ) RM6.20
This is my first time seeing noodles paired with bread. A very unique combination. Love that they put a dash of pickled ginger to hype up the taste.

 Croquette Sandwich (Deep-fried potato with tonkatsu) RM5.90

 Salty Butter (Sea salt and butter) RM3.20

 Anpan (Koshi)(Sweet bun with koshi, fine red bean paste from Japan) RM3.20

 Hachi Toast Bread (Option of 4pcs/6pcs/8pcs)(Signature bread-soft,moist and fluffy) RM7.40
To keep the best taste of this, remember finish it within 3days. It's so fluffy and my parents love it.

Chef from Japan  

 As for their brunch menu, I ordered a few of their signatures to try with my dad.
 Here's the Teriyaki Burger(Chicken or Beef) RM16
We ordered beef simply because we love beef and their homemade patty with teriyaki sauce is just nice and tender.   

 Prawn Salad RM16

 Salmon Salad

 Here's my another order, Avocado Wasabi Burger (Chicken or Beef) RM18
Again, my choice is none other but beef. I never had wasabi in my burger before so I just give it a try. To my surprise that the wasabi taste is not overpowering the whole taste. So don't worry that it would be very spicy. Avocado paring with beef patty made a great pair, the tender,juicy and soft texture.

 Loving their homemade patty as it is not the dry type. The tenderness and juiciness of the patty still remain.

Croque Madame RM13

Breakfast Signature Set start from 8am-11am and you will get a FREE Americano or Tea!!!

1. Breakfast toast (butter & jam), RM12.80
2. Hot Sandwich (cheese & chicken), RM16
3. French toast (cream & jam), RM14.90
4. Egg Benedict with cream cheese & jam muffin, RM15.90

Bakery Cafe HACHI Outlets:

Plaza Damas (Sri Hartamas Shopping),03-62062668
Opening hour: Daily,8am-9pm

1 Mont Kiara (Jalan Kiara), 03-62063277
Opening hour: Daily,8am-10pm

Saujana Clubhouse
Opening hour: Daily,11am-9pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BakeryCafeHACHI/
Instagram: @bakerycafehachi

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