Sunday, February 25

SAPORE Grand Opening Ceremony

Congrats to Sapore on the grand opening ceremony yesterday after one year of establishment in Persiaran Ampang. 
The VIP directors who officiated the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony were Dr. Ng Wee Kiong (Managing Director), Chef Fabio Ruggiero (The restaurateur and executive chef) and other representatives.

Guests and media were served with light canapes, food and drink.
 Just for your information, Sapore, is an Italian-Spanish Restaurant that serves you artisan food and fine wine. 

 The traditional lion dance ceremony at Sapore.

Yee Sang tossing session by the VIP for prosperity.

 Fire cracker lighted up by Dr Ng (Managing Director)

In conjunction with its grand opening, Sapore team shared their new menu information to the guests and media, which will be available starting March 2018. New "eats" (kids) on the "block" presented on the menu are such as: Italian Pizza with customised cold cut toppings, gnocchi with spicy minced pork, and Puglia pork shoulder roulade.

For more info do visit Sapore official site:

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