Tuesday, April 24

Malaysia's First Aircraft Dining Experience Kicks Off

Plane In The City, Malaysia's first aircraft dining experience was officially launched today at SKYLAND, Bukit Bintang. Sitting only 20 people per session to maintain exclusivity, food aboard the aircraft will be served in 3 or 4 courses ( depending on the type of package) by Le Meridien K.L, a well-known five star hotel, chosen based on their exciting menu and great-tasting cuisine. 

I was really impressed when I first heard about this. The whole idea of dining in the plane in the heart of the city of Jalan Bukit Bintang is really something new.

Sunday, February 25

SAPORE Grand Opening Ceremony

Congrats to Sapore on the grand opening ceremony yesterday after one year of establishment in Persiaran Ampang. 
The VIP directors who officiated the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony were Dr. Ng Wee Kiong (Managing Director), Chef Fabio Ruggiero (The restaurateur and executive chef) and other representatives.
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