Friday, January 13

Menya Miyabi @ Sunway Clio Hotel

Menya Miyabi, a Hokkaido ramen noodle house since 1998 started their first noodle house in Hokkaido and expanded to 4 outlets. Now, they are bringing the true traditional Hokkaido ramen here to Penang,KL & Malaysia. You will get to taste the most authentic, original & delicious ramen with Master Sifu Chef in town to personally handle the cooking. Here's the one I've tasted at Menya Miyabi Sunway Clio Hotel.

Miyabi Shoyu Ramen (Soy Sauce Flavour) RM23.50
This is their signature among all and I love the whole combination of Ramen with bamboo shots,the egg, sliced pork shoulder and seaweed. Awesome!

It's a small space but just nice for you to cater a small group of people.

 a transparent action kitchen 

 Gyoza(Fried Dumplings) 10pcs RM19

 For me, gyoza is always the best pair with Ramen. It's just nice to eat with some vinegar.

 Tonkotsu Ramen(Pork Broth Flavour) RM25
This broth is more creamy and thicker. 

 The pork broth comes with loads of collagen.

 served with sliced pork shoulder

 Kara Miso Ramen (Hot & Spicy Miso Ramen)RM26

 It comes with a big portion and a smaller.

 For me the level of spiciness is just nice. I love that they served the chunks of pork which is the twist from the sliced pork Ramen. You should give this a try if you love spicy and the chilli flakes just add the spiciness to another level. 

 Yaki Ramen(Tasty Fried Ramen) RM24
This is something new for me. A very chinese style of cooking I would say. It's not too dry as you can see the scramble egg made the whole dish more interesting.

 well, you just can't skip the sauce part

 Love the Ramen!!!! It is so spongy.

 Hokkaido Chilled Ramen Salad RM19

Oh my....This is like the BOMB of my entire Ramen review. Never tried ramen with this kind of combination and it actually tasted miraculous! This is like salad and cold Ramen. The kewpie sesame salad dressing really make the taste so good! The taste blended nicely with all the ingredients. A thumbs up for this dish! MUST TRY!!!

Menya Miyabi Fb page: 

(Hotel Sunway Pyramid West Ground Floor)
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 11.00 am – 10.00 pm
Contact No:  03-5650 5118

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