Thursday, January 19

Magi Planet Popcorn Studio

This is so cool!!!
Imagine having popcorn with your favourite movie at home. It's so convenient that you don't have to spend extra time queuing up for movie in the cinema. Formerly known as Planet Popcorn now with a new name, Magi Planet Popcorn Studio. The packaging is sealed type and it's so convenient for you to bring along anywhere to fix your popcorn cravings .  
 They came in two different packaging sizes, 110g and 50g.

So here's the four popcorn flavours from Magi Planet.

 辛起司 Chili Cheese
A strong combination of salty cheese flavour and a finishing of spiciness. Definitely my favourite of all. So yummy!!!

 玉米浓汤 Corn Soup

This is like the original flavour of Magi Popcorn to me. The taste is just mild.
 海苔章鱼烧 Takoyaki
Another choice to go after the Chili Cheese Magi Popcorn. As you can see seaweed are all on top of it with a hint of Squid taste. Not too salty and it's just fine for my taste.

玫瑰盐焦糖 Crystal Salted Caramel

Last but not least, the classic taste of popcorn the Crystal Salted Caramel. I bet most will go for this. The caramel added an extra crunchiness to the popcorn and the hint of sweetness is just nice.

So....what are you waiting for???? Bring a twist for this coming CNY for odering packs of popcorn and to be delivered to your doorstep. For 8 packs of popcorn (Four packs of 110g & four packs of 50g) with four different taste, you may purchase at only RM150! So good right?

You can now get RM10 discount with the promo code here:
YINYINLOVEPOPCORN at Magi Planet Popcorn

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