Monday, December 26

Merrow Pasta

Merry Christmas to all!!!
It's my first visit to Merrow Pasta and I was overwhelmed by the cozy Christmas ambiance of it.
Well, as the name of the cafe focusing on the pasta word so I suppose to have some delicious and impressive ones here. By the way, they made their own pasta.

 I love the sourness from the mustard dressing as a starter, very appetizing! 
Smoked Salmon Salad RM19.60
Mixed Salad rolled with smoked salmon serve with warm beef bacon potato, hard-boiled egg and mustard dill dressing.

Fresh Seafood Soup RM19.80
Mixed Seafood cooked with tomato seafood base stock and a dash of dried chili oil.

 Fruitti Di Mare Fritto RM17.80
Deep fried Squid & Prawns till golden brown serve with homemade Tartar sauce & lemon.

Carbonara RM19.60
Sautee onion and garlic with turkey ham in cream sauce top with poached egg.

I love this! and everything is just nice, not overpowered.
 Smoked Duck in Teriyaki Dry Chili Sauce RM19.60
Sautee onion and garlic with smoke duck, dried chili and teriyaki sauce

 Marinara RM20.80
Mixed seafood cooked with white wine and tomato herbs sauce
 Lasagne is my all time favourite and I think this is just nice.

Lasagne Al Forno RM24.80
Mince beef and cheese in layered pasta serve in a hot cast iron pan.

Con Salsa Al Nero RM27.60
Sautee garlic, squid with white wine and squid ink and a dash 
of chili oil top with bonito flake

Creme Brulee

Chocolate Pasta RM19.60
Chocolate pasta accompanied with vanilla ice cream

Some Lava cake that I've tasted never flows in the center but this is just nice.

Lava Cake with Ice Cream RM18.80
Molten chocolate cake with fresh berry and ice cream

*All coffee,tea and chocolate are from Cafes Richard

All pasta lovers should give it try!!
Merry Christmas!

Checkout Merrow Pasta fb:

67, Jalan USJ 10/1A, Taipan Business Centre
Subang Jaya

 03-8081 6767
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