Thursday, December 1

Butterfly Project: Christmas Cupcake Workshop

First of all, would love to thank Tammy from Butterfly Malaysia for extending this wonderful Christmas Cupcake Workshop invite to me. 

This is my second time joining a worshop at19Culinary. I love this space as baking is always what I love to do but just that busy schedule hold me back. Anyways, another great experience joining The Butterfly Project and I had the opportunity to know more bloggers and also some of my old friends. 
Don't have to worry much about your baking skill as there will be an expert there to guide you from the scratch to the oven!

Everything is very clear and guidelines will be given including the ingredients. You can just follow the instruction and be a pro in the kitchen!

So, our mission of the day is Red Velvet Chocolate Cupcakes

 Yumm~~~~The cupcakes mixture itself is making me drooling!

Now, while waiting for the cupcakes, we shall go ahead with the cream cheese frosting.  
 It's so convenient that all the tools were provided.

See, this prove that everyone can bake!

Look how fascinating is our end product!
But wait!!!
That's not the end of our steps.
 Look at all these colourful stones. It's fondant actually. To make our end product looking more like pro, we need to do some decoration with the fondant.

photo credit to Eros Si
Our group photo and I'm very glad to know them! 
My hardworking and creative team plus the lazy me. hahahah.

Everyone is so creative as you can see!

My Christmas Red Velvet Chocolate cupcakes

Just nice as a Christmas gift for our loved ones.
Merry Christmas!!!

At Nineteen Culinary Studio
No.19 Jalan Dungun,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

facebook page:


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