Saturday, August 13

BMS Organic Sugar Free Mooncake

It's Mid-Autmn Fest again!!!
Go healthy Go BMS Organics mooncakes!
6 choices of organic sugar free mooncakes include three unique flavours:Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot, Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame and Green Balance Macha Red Bean; and three classic flavours:Pure Lotus, Pure Lotus with Yolk and Mixed Nuts Delight.

 Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot
great for replenishing blood for women. The combination of oat milk and lotus seed paste fillings, coupled with the natural colouring of outer layer that sourced from beetroot juice. This natural and pinkish gem will surely be your ticket to happiness.

 Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame 
Aroma-rich black sesame is packed with calcium, vitamins and trace minerals. Its black outer layer is craftily made from bamboo charcoal. Greater taste and healthier digestive system are no longer a dream.
 Green Balance Macha Red Bean
The healthy aromas of green tea and wheat grass are value even more. The perfect combination of green and red colours, whereby the red beans offers gentle sweetness and smoothness to the palate, while the natural green tea powder made up the exterior. This nutritious blend is widely known to aid in body detoxification.

 Pure Lotus 
Uses only the best quality ingredients such as high-quality lotus seeds that bring you the best blend of healthy and great taste.

Pure Lotus with Yolk
The salted aromatic egg yolk fused splendidly with a classic sweet pure lotus seed paste makes this mooncake taste even superior.

speech by Business Development Manager- Mr. Eddy Ng

Lanching Gimmick of BMS Organics Mooncake

Mooncake tasting moment!
 Green Balance Macha Red Bean

 Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot

 Pure Lotus with Yolk

 Pure Lotus

 Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame

This 4-piece mooncake lantern mooncake giftbox can be used as a lantern after you unpack it.

Starting from August 1, 2016, public can purchase these organic sugar free mooncakes at any BMS Organics Outlets. 4-piece lantern mooncake gift box is priced at RM107.60, while the 2-piece mooncake and organic green tea gift set is priced at RM63.

** BMS Organics member or credit card holder of either Citibank, Public Bank or Aeon, you are entitled to:

1.   RM10 BMS Organics Vegetarian Café cash voucher with every purchase of a 4-piece mooncake lantern gift box, and 20% discount for the second box.
2.   RM5 BMS Organics Vegetarian Café cash voucher with every purchase of a 2-piece mooncake gift box, and 20% discount for the second box.

If you couldn’t buy it at BMS Organics outlet or you would like to send a mooncake gift set to home, purchase it online. BMS Organics will send it to your doorstep (Free delivery only applicable for West Malaysia).
**Insert the promo code “BMSO2UMC” to get 10% rebate.

Checkout their video here!!!

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