Saturday, July 2

Harumi Fast Food

You like fried food?
Ever thinking of be a boss someday?

 Well, here's your chance to be a boss!!!
If you never heard about Harumi Fast Food, I'm sure you've seen this logo somewhere at the kiosk, food truck or restaurant. So this is their tagline "EVERYONE CAN BE A BOSS"!
Consists of 4 products, namely Chicken Chop (RM6.50), Chicken Wing (RM2.00), Chicken Pop-corn (RM4.00) and Sweet Potato(RM3.00), HARUMI brings its franchise opportunity that will benefit young entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in the food and beverage industry.

With an investment of only RM3,500 with no royalty fee, investors will be provided the tools as below:
1. Fryer
2. Kiosk
3. Frying tools
4. Packaging materials

Let's go through the process...

heart shape chicken chop

fried chicken wing

The outcome...

 Popcorn Chicken

Sweet Potato

and oh ya HARUMI is HALAL so no worries about that ya!

to date, close to 100 kiosks have been set up, with the highest sales per kiosk reaching about RM700/day. The Company is targeting to establish up to 3,000 kiosks, 300 mobile trucks and 30 restaurants nationwide to sell HARUMI Fast Food in three year's time.

Checkout their fb page for more:
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