Friday, December 18

Sonny Angel Christmas Party @Serai Paradigm by Serai Group

Born on 15th May 2014
"He May Bring You Happiness"
Thanks @sonnyangelmsia for the invite and this is my first time to know about this 8'' standing figurine from Japan. It is created with the intention of it being a companion to the Office Ladies (OL). The original Sonnny Angel has movable arms and legs (pose-able) with soft-smelling skin and comes in his birthday suit! His birthday is on 15th May. It is now a collector's item worldwide.

When you observe carefully the individual Sonny Angel, you realize that they are lively in their expressions. and every expression is slightly different!

Each Sonny Angel's facial feature and headgear is artistically hand-painted thus the lively expression. Every eye line, lash, eye sparkle, smile and blush is not identical. Each hairline and headgear perimeter may be slightly irregular, much like human make-up. These factors make them unique.

4th figurine from front left: Robby

There may be "Secret Angels" and "Robbys" hidden in random boxes, it is mandatory that the retailers sell the product in this blind box concept.
There will be coveted "Secret Angel" and "Robby" in every version/series. They are, however,very rare and command a high premium, and each version/series has a different "Secret Angel" and "Robby" of its own. Sonny Angel collectors pray hard for a "Secret Angel" or "Robby" before opening a box.

Sonny Angels are sold in a blind box with no indication of which angel is within the box.
Whilst the collector may choose any of the 8 standard or Limited Edition version/series, there is no way of knowing if the targeted angel is within the box unless the whole 12 angel set is purchased.
the blind box concept is wrapped with the element of "surprise", so the mystery of which angel the collectors will receive is revealed only upon opening the box and sealed foil wrapper.

Thanks Serai Paradigm by Serai Group for the lunch treat!

Thanks @sonnyangelmsia for the huge lucky draw gift!!!!
I'm gonna find this bear a good owner!
Merry Christmas!

Checkout here for more:
sonny angel msia fb page

sonny angel msia insta: @sonnyangelmsia


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