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Chequers Waffles @ TTDI Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Chequers serve handmade Waffles using premium local & seasonal ingredients set in a fun and whimsical atmosphere. 
So when you think of waffles, root beer, coffee, think of Chequers! Waffles in trend nowadays and you can easily get it as dessert in many cafes in Malaysia. But in Chequers, you will get both!
They specialises in both savoury & sweet waffles

1.      Down Home Benny – RM19.00
·         Savory waffle, beef bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, guacamole, watercress salad
This is just a great choice to start your day! I mean how can you get wrong with poached eggs. Oozing goodness flowing in the waffle!

2.      Double Deck Croque Monsiuer – RM18.00
·         Savory waffle, turkey ham and tomato wrapped with egg, served with cheese sauce, topped with a sunny side egg

3.      Chicken Cobb Sandwich – RM25.00
·         Savory waffle, marinated grilled chicken beef bacon, sliced tomato, boiled egg, guacamole, curry mayo, waffle fries
At first glance I thought it is the regular kind of mustard sauce. But I was wrong. The curry mayo gave this dish a very Indian authentic spicy taste. No worries, it's just moderate of spiciness to me! A very interesting combination and it gave a new taste!

4.      Moo Moo – RM28.00
·         Their signature waffle burger made with seasoned striploin beef patty seared to perfection. Served with homemade berry barbeque sauce, beef bacon, cheddar cheese, raisin slaw, and pickled relish. Comes with waffle fries.
This is also one of my favourite as I'm a beef lover. The beef is tender, everything just nice and goes well with the homemade berry barbeque sauce.

Grilled Chicken Steak 
- juicy marinated grilled boneless chicken with your choice of sauce. Served with fettuccine, oyster mushroom, and rolled turkey ham asparagus in tomato base. 

Choices of sauce:
- Mustard
- Mushroom
- Black Pepper

Price: RM28

6.      Mango Shrimp Wrap – RM23.00
·         Sautéed tiger prawns wrapped with marie rose sauce, tomato salsa, fresh mango and lettuce, comes with waffle fries.
All the goodness in a wrap. I love that mango was added in so that it is a healthy meal to paired with tomato salsa and lettuce.

7.      Pesto Seabass – RM34.00
·         Pan seared seabass cooked to perfection on a bed of pesto sauce. Served with seasoned roasted potatoes and stir fry asparagus topped with crispy ginger.

Here comes the dessert part....

8.      Melting Moments – RM17.00
·         Chocolate chip waffle hand battered banana fritters, almond nibs, vanilla ice cream drizzled caramel and chocolate sauce.
Just the presentation itself already melt my heart!

9.      Tropic Coconut – RM17.00
·         Coconut waffle, fresh coconut meat, roasted almonds, coconut ice cream, fragrant pandan sauce.
This is something new and refreshing for me. I never had the real coconut flesh to go with waffle before. As people always use dried coconut and so I think this is quite special.

10.  Deconstructed Tiramisu – RM14.00
·         Disassembled into waffle sticks, mascarpone cheese with chocolate shavings and a side of espresso shot.
How to eat this? Well the best way is to pour the espresso shot in the mascarpone cheese based on your personal liking whether you want it to be sweet or bitter sweet. For me, I pour the whole shot into it. Then just scoop your waffle stick into it!

I feel so waffle after my meal!!! So go with your friends and family and make sure you share the big portion of every dishes! Enjoy!

Address: 153, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala lumpur
Business hours :  Mon - Sun : 8 am - 11pm (Wednesday Closed)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChequersKL?fref=ts

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