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Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Restaurant @ Mid Valley City

Whenever you mention about Tim Ho Wan, people will start to mention about the long queue... So I don't need to further explain...Come try out yourself...Remember to bring along your parents from Monday to Friday 3-6pm and you can enjoy a privilege of 20% off on your entire bill except public holidays. So, spend time with your parents and treat them with good food!

Tim Ho Wan- Michelin-starred Hong Kong's Most Famous Dim Sum continues to wow your palettes with a new range of mouth-watering promotional menu.

Salted Fried Fish Skin 七味炸鱼皮 RM10.80
Just can't believe how crispy it is. I feel like eating potato chips because of it's crispiness. Served great as appetizer! Exclusively available in TimHoWan 1Utama restaurant is the Salted Fried Fish Skin. Appetizer that can be the snack to be enjoy by everyone.

Cereal Chicken Nuggets 麦片鸡球 RM15.80
Another appetizer dish and it is always a hit in the menu! The usual combination is Cereal Prawn. But this one is Cereal Chicken Nuggets. Hence, it's good for a lazy people like me to get rid of the bone. Crispy chicken coated with oats. 
Quail Egg Siew Mai 春旦烧卖 RM11.80
Siew Mai topped with quail egg, simply delicious to indulge. With its Michelin Star status to keep up with, Tim Ho Wan guarantees you a gastronomic dining experience at a conveniently affordable price.

Steamed Fish Maw with Prawn Paste 百花酿鱼肚 RM14.80
If you are a fish maw fan then you'll love this. I'm not so I can't really tell it's good or not. But all I can say that it is very spongy!

Dumpling with Spicy Sauce 辣汁饺子 RM15.80
I'm sure you know this dish better than me! Indulge on the dumpling and dipped in special spicy black vinegar sauce. Chef tried to cut down the level of spiciness to suit the taste of majority, but I prefer it to be more spicy! 

Freshly Baked Egg Tarts 酥皮蛋挞 RM9.80
Due to great response, they brought it back! According to chef, they made their egg tart from the scratch. The warm shortcrust pastries boast a buttery crust and a silk centre made daily from fresh egg. So can guarantee the freshness of its tart.

Evening Specials menu from 5pm to 10pm.
Crispy Noodle with Shredded Pork 港式肉丝菇生面 RM14.80
I like the idea where the crispy noodles was served separately with sauce. You just pour the sauce over the crispy noodles. This is to avoid the noodles soak too long in the sauce and lost the crisp.

Shrimp Wonton Soup 港式云吞汤 RM16.80
I big clap to their shrimp as it is super fresh. I am actually quiet sensitive with this because I had too many bad experience having shrimp which is not fresh!

Wonton Noodle (DRY) 港式云吞干捞面 RM15.80
Wonton Noodle Soup 港式云吞汤 RM15.80
Hong Kong is famous with their Wonton noodles and it's thinner than Malaysia's Wonton noodle and I prefer this as thinner means can soak up the taste of the sauce better.

Braised Pork Knuckles Noodle (SOUP) 港式猪手汤面 RM19.80 (not the actual portion)
Pork knuckles braised into perfection and a dish is must order for pork knuckles lovers. I prefer the dry version of this as you can really taste the braised part of it! The Braised Pork Knuckles itself cost RM22.80. 

 Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭 RM16.80
The only fried rice in the menu. This is a popular dish by most customers. Served with whole prawns and lots of char siew bits and a sprinkle of pork floss to boost up the entire taste. Most importantly, it is not oily!!

I love this longan drink here which newly added in their menu! 

 How can a great meal ended without any dessert?
Especially for a dessert lover like me!!!
 These golden cubes are as tasty as they are pretty! Inside the osmanthus jelly are tonic medlar, which help to invigorate your palate. A perfect dessert to cap off your dim sum indulgence! 

杨枝甘露 Mango Pomelo Sago
It's nice but I think the mango essence abit over powered the whole taste....
prefer a lighter taste...

From the "Four Heavenly Kings" I think this should be the King of all the Kings!
Baked Bun with BBQ Pork 脆皮焗叉烧包
The crispy outer part of the bun reminds me of Roti Boy and full with BBQ Pork when you munch into it. Get the best taste of this when it's fresh hot from the oven!

The Chef behind all the great dishes of Tim Ho Wan Midvalley outlet.

Tim Ho Wan – Hong Kong’s Most Famous Dim Sum
27-G, Ground Floor
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City
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