Wednesday, September 9

Koosh Koffeez, Publika

Looking for a new coffee spot? Perhaps you can try this in Publika!
You can easily spotted Koosh Koffeez by it's giant purple chair outside of the cafe.
This spot is just nice for you to have a sit #likeaboss pose....hahah  

 Look at the interior....How luxury feel it is! You will just fall asleep with comfy sofas and cushion here and it's my favourite colour!!! Just a nice especially after work when you need to sit back and relax. Sipping your cup of nice coffee here with companion of good food.   

 and stay tuned to their updates as they might use this corner for their live band with some soul music... oh I just can't wait! Food with the companion of live music~~~ fascinating!

spotted some displays here....check this space as they are selling coffee machine too...

 Double trilogy of tomato & basil, foie gras terrine and smoked salmon & dill.

The Mandarin
Smoked duck on a goma-dressed mesclun salad, roasted tomatoes, almonds and tangy orange. Appetizing as a starter!

Pumpkin Soup Ravioli
Roasted pumpkin flesh, blended with rich cream and vegetable stock, served with poached cheese ravioli.

Escargots à l'ail gratinés
Naked escargots, oven-baked in a white garlic confit and sharp parmesan sauce.

Smoked Duck in Tomato-caper Cream
Thick slices of smoked duck breast swirled in a creamy tomato-capers 

 Beef and duck bacon swirled in signature Karbonara cream enriched with sharp parmesan and topped with an onsen egg. Look at the oozing egg yolk!!!!

Lamb & Sun Dried Tomatoes
Authentic Turkish pide bread served with sautéed spiced lamb mince, sautéed shimeiji and white button mushrooms,sun-dried tomatoes, hummus, garlic aioli, sour cream and salsa.

 Grilled Chicken and Capers
The tender and juicy grilled chicken fillet is lavished with a thyme and caper sauce, which gave that salty kick to the whole dish. Served on a bed of fries and buttered vegetables.

 Peppercorn Steak
200g of thick prime sirloin, grilled to perfection, with a rich peppercorn 

gravy, dripping juices on a bed of fries and buttered vegetables.

thin crispy pizza dough is always my choice! 
 (top)Kasablanca RM25
Moroccan favourite of cumin-fried minced lamb, with sour cream, capsicums, onions 
and jalapeños on crispy tomato-infused dough.

(bottom)Tahiti RM25
Grilled chicken, barbeque sauce, pineapple and onions on a crispy tomato-infused dough.
King Krab
Roasted sesame spaghetti topped with soft shell crab!!! This is like a winning combination. Ya no matter the appearance and also the taste. 

Cinnamon Bolognese
Don't worry...nothing spicy for this dish, it's all the redness from tomato and a hint of cinnamon. To be honest, I dislike the taste of cinnamon but I can accept this because the taste of cinnamon is just mild. On the other hand, the taste of tomato puree is very flavourful with their sun-dried tomato.  

Ohhh my!!!!! Lamb Shank in Coffee Stew
The tender lamb shank is extremely tender as it breaks apart when I try to fork in. Lamb Shank in coffee stew(drizzled with a special espresso glaze), carrots, onions and chunky mashed potatoes...just's my favourite dish! 

If you are a coffee lover, you should just dropby and have a try as when I glance through their coffee menu, they have some special coffee selection here... Koosh Koffeez pride themselves in serving some really good coffee, using Arabica beans from their main business, Arabica Estate. I ordered their signature drink here...
a blend of mocha and rose petals never go wrong, 
you can actually taste the aroma of rose in your mocha!

 Baller Kooffee
served with a ball of ice, a whiskeyball to be exact, on a platter complete with creamer chilled by ice in a unique holder, and two shots of espresso. 

 This is my recommendation of all if you are a coffee person!
The espresso, creamer and premium syrup blended in really well. I wouldn't want to further describe the taste as I want you to come and try it and have a surprise taste on this! No regrets!

espresso-infused waffle topped with mascarpone, dark chocolate shavings, strawberries, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and espresso-dipped ladyfingers with a dusting of fine arabica powder.

Rose-infused waffle with torched meringue, topped with strawberries & blueberries, toasted nuts, a loveletter, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream, drizzled with a raspberry coulis.

Here's my pick!
James' Brownie
topped with toasted marshmallows and almonds, added with chocolate covered strawberries, and drizzled with chocolate syrup, whipped cream with a huge dallop of vanilla ice cream. The surprise is that you can find brownie pieces in the waffle! 

Koosh Koffeez @ Publika Shopping Gallery
D5-G3-03 Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone: 03-62111586

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