Monday, August 10

PhotoGraffee Cafe House Puchong

If you love coffee and photography,
this is definitely a place for you!

"Coffee engages the senses and emotions, so does Photography."
Here's my first visit and I was amused by the whole artistic interior of this cafe which located in Puchong. 

As you can see every corner is so artistic!
every corner is full of photographs....

If you proceed to upstairs of the cafe, you'll see modern furniture and it's a bit like gallery.

and oh my!!!!! This is my favourite corner of all!!!!
Look at the huge DSLR!!!! Amazing isn't it?
Look all the photographs on the wall were taken by 20 photographers.
The ambiance is good and you can have a sip of you coffee and chit chat with a bunch of friends here!

All I can say is I love their coffee!
I ordered a cup of their signature Almond delight.
Awesome! Love the taste of it!

Cappuccino with a lovely coffee art~

Looking for BIG BREAKFAST? Try this!
Very interesting combination~
 Ultimate Big Stopper (RM22.90)

How can we ended our meal without some gorgeous dessert??!
No spoiler on their dessert, I kinda love their chewy waffle as it's my first try. Usually I will go for the crispy type but I find that this is still acceptable =)

Thai Milk Tea Cake

Green tea Cake

Young Coconut Cake
The texture is fluffy and goes well with the shredded young coconut on top. 

Hot chocolate with a cute camera art on top.

Chewy Waffle goes well with the toppings!!!! Chocolate Banana and ice cream~Always a perfect match!
I'll definitely come again!

Add: No. 5&5-1, Jalan Kenari 19A, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47160 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Operation hour:
Mon-Sat: 12noon-12am
Sunday: 12noon-10pm
Contact: 03 8074 0820
Facebook page:Photograffee Cafe House
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