Sunday, May 24

A Filtered Experience @ Caffe Crema

I love coffee hopping but never really have the chance to join any coffee appreciation session before.

I am pleased to have a chance to join the educational and eventful coffee appreciation session with the founder of Caffe Crema, Elvin S. For me, I think enjoying a cup of nice coffee is also a form of art. We were given the chance to try out and surprisingly the process is simple with Elvin's guidance.

First, 15 grams of grounded coffee is placed in a filter paper that lines a filtering cone. 
Following which water that is heated to a temperature of around 94 celsius is poured precisely (in a circular and consistent motion) with a gooseneck kettle. 

Having the right water-to-coffee ratio is important to produce a complex yet balanced flavor with a target time between 2.3 to 3 minutes.

What I like about Caffe Crema is that the cafe owner will try to ascertain what's best according to our preference. Well, we all know that there isn't a single recipe to cater everyone's taste bud right!

He’s also aware the Asians’ taste buds tend to be inclined towards the dark chocolatey and suggests Guatemalan varieties as a viable option. “We prefer chocolaty or a slightly caramelised coffee and Guatemalan has a lighter body and a cleaner lingering aftertaste that isn’t too strong, but like any filtering process even an additional two seconds will alter the taste of the coffee when it’s drank.”  This is evident as some who sampled a more citrus-like cup of coffee claims that the acidity was not something that they were not accustomed to.

He’s also game to explain that black ivory coffee obtained as a result of feeding coffee cherries to elephants that defecate and expel them after, is fast replacing kopi luwak as the latest fad to hit the scene. “The elephants are able ingest more beans than the civet cat,” he suggests. “And the enzymes in their digestive system are able to break down the proteins and allow them to be less acidic”

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