Monday, February 23

Alpaca Curry Bento

Happy Yong Meh Meh Year to everyone!!!
wish that we have a good year ahead....
Here's a simple bento idea for you.
【Alpaca Curry Bento】
Vegetarian Curry
Curry Paste (Daiso)
US Russet Potato
*I bought the curry paste from Daiso(RM5) for one serving and basically you just need to heat it and I added with US Russet Potato. Remember to add some water or else the curry will be too thick.

Steamed White Rice
Cherry Tomato
*For the Alpaca part, all you need is cutting and plating skill. The hardest part for me is the eyes and nose part. The ears and nose for Alpaca is garlic.   

 Bon Apetite!

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