Tuesday, January 27

VCR, Bukit Bintang K.L

My first impression on VCR 
The general concept and interior for VCR is simple and very much urban kind of feel. I love it as I feel very relax and comfortable having my brunch here.

Their kitchen will close at around 5pm if not mistaken. 

the interior

Desserts and coffee/ hot chocolate are always the best match  

A nice combination of russet potato waffle served with generous portion of mushroom fricassee, herb salad, tomato fondue...just my taste
Potato waffle-poach egg

Erm this is not my taste but of course taste is something personal.
sorry I forgot the name for this but obviously it is something to do with chick pea as you can see. =)

Instead of red velvet, this is something new for me the black velvet. The taste reminds me of oreo cake with a layer of cream cheese ontop. Just sweet..  

VCR's location:
2, Jalan Galloway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

VCR's fb page:

VCR's Official website

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