Saturday, January 24

The Common Room, Cheras Sentral

If you bumped into cheras sentral, feel free to walk in this cafe.
I wouldn't say the food and drink here is my taste but then the ambiance is good. Especially if you wanna have a chatty session with your friends. You will be accompanied with light music(my friend claimed that as emo tune)...hahahah kinda of!

Icy Chocolate


Green Tea Latte

When we first walk in this cafe, there isn't a single human being here...hahahah so we choose our favourite corner to have our girls talk. 

Although our friendship still very new and fresh but surprisingly we can clicked so well and almost the whole cafe heard our crazy laughter. By the way nice to meet a new friend~ Daymie from Hong Kong.  

Open Daily:

F40-41, Level One, Cheras Sentral Shopping Mall, Jalan 2/142A, Off Jalan Cheras, KM10, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Common Room fb page:

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