Sunday, January 4

Milkcow, The Gardens Midvalley

So this is one of the trend, Milkcow.
Basically when you are in Midvalley, you might notice 3 spots with long queues.   
Magnum, Tim Ho Wan and Milkcow.
They are not queuing for free food. So I supposed it's nice that every flocking for it? Everyone seems to bombard all the social media with pictures and thumbs. Ok, so I put quite high expectation on it.
So here's the verdict.  
I think the main reason for the queue is because of the limited space here.

So here's the recommended by all
 Milky Cube with Honey Comb RM13

 Top: Milky Cube with Cookies & Cream
Bottom: Milky Cube with Honey Comb

 How's the taste?
ehem... I prefer MooCow~at least it has sweet and sour taste. 
This is just sweet and sweet =P The cup is a bit small for the price and the ice-cream melted fast. 
But if you are a fan of something milky, then this is your cup of tea. The honey comb is something new for me hence I would recommend you to try this if you're a first timer. As for the cookies and cream, it reminds me of McFlurry from McDonald's. Sorry to say that, I just can't differentiate because the taste is almost the same just that this is more expensive. Luckily we don't have to queue. But then the queue started after us. But don't get me wrong, I didn't say it tasted bad. This is still ok =)

Guess this is the last picture of four of us because our Mama is gonna deliver her baby boy soon. Soon we will have a new member added in this picture. I'm so happy because he is an Aquarius boy, just like me!!!...ohh my price charming is coming soon! =P
I appreciate every meet up moment with them because it is so hard for us to gather after we graduate. Now all busy with our teaching life. Miss the time where we chit chat in our hostel until late night on our pajamas and laugh crazily like nobody's business. Anyways this make us appreciate each meet up more. Love you girls! xoxo  

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