Saturday, October 25

Eat Clean【SALAD】

Let's EAT CLEAN!!!

Clean eating is about eating whole foods, or "real" foods — those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. 

Here's a simple and fast salad idea for you:
 All you have to do is to gather vegetables with different colours and do the plating according to your taste!

This is a MUST ingredient whenever I had my SALAD!!!

As for the Salad Dressing, you can either use Mayonnaise, Thousand Island, or you can try this!
I love the hint of roasted sesame taste in my Salad!
a bottle is around RM8 
To me eating clean is easy but to maintain that is the challenging part! So don't give up easily. Just be moderate in everything and you will be happy! Good Day! =)

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