Monday, September 1

TERMINUS - Functional & Creative Bags

It has a creative packing solutions for today’s digital, on-the-go generation with innovative features for lifestyle gadgets and the latest styles for diverse activities. This is how Terminus captured my attention. Visit Terminus at One Utama Shopping Mall Lot S213A, 2nd Floor, New Wing.
The vibrant colour of the bags captured my attention when I first step into the shop. Of course apart from the colour, the design of the bags is what I look into it. The design is nothing bored and I'm sure you can find your style here! Thanks to the designer of Terminus.

Terminus bags are carefully crafted to fulfil our 5F’s: 
Uniquely Formed 
Feels Good 
For me the feel is also an important factor because I used to hold my bag like a pillow and I feel secure. So that comfortable feel is very important for me.

It's a pleasure to have Liew Bin - the Founder and CEO of Terminus with us. 
He gave us a clear brief on different bags that cater our needs. He even explained all the detail part of the bags patiently to us. 
I am a travel person so this suit me for a short free and easy trip.
It's actually a backpack with roller and super convenient for me to go travel with it.
The New Invisible Urban Roller
If you a traveler like me, I would suggest this to you, or else, you can go for another roller bag which is transformer. It is highly recommended for short business trip. 

But at last, I go for another choice
Terminus A-Force 
This backpack is built for outdoor activities. The backpack has a separate compartment to keep your shoes and gear away from your fresh change of clothes. The backpack also has a cushion compartment to hold and protect your notebook/tablet and contour shoulder straps to help lighten the load.It is highly recommended for sport lovers.

For more information about Terminus:

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