Tuesday, September 2

Philips Cooking Challenge

First time involve in a cooking challenge and all I can say is NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
The nerves is already on before the competition day and you can imagine how nervous am I.
I love to experiment food and of course, I love to eat! So I was actually excited to know I get to join the challenge.
I feel honored to be one of the 10 bloggers finalist to the battle ground paired up with the fitness instructors from fitness first to cook our own refine dish. 
 Thanks to Philips Malaysia that we were able to cook with Philips products during the challenge. The main product that we had tested out is The Philips Airfryer. The Airfryer can make nearly anything – and fast. From fried chicken to french fries to breakfast muffins, with less fat and more nutrition. The airfryer’s ability to fry, roast, bake or grill makes it almost unbelievable: that is, until you’ve tried.

So our theme is healthy cooking but in order to spice up the challenge, we will only know our main ingredient and also our cooking partner after we draw lots. What a surprise to get this. Should I be happy or cry for this? 60minutes to prepare a cake, will it be a piece of cake or disaster?
so I did not take down the process because we were busy running here and there to get our cake ingredients and struggle with the time to get our cake done. I feel like working in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen. Gosh, so stressful man!!!! and the emcee kept telling us we left how many minutes and I almost fainted!   
 Sidney, Chef Zam & Marina Mustafa are testing out and judging our creation.
My first trial on tiramisu but lucky my partner knows how to make tiramisu.
(will share the recipe soon)
Part of the dishes in the cooking challenge. All prepared by Philips Airfryer

Congrats to my blogger friends that won the first and second place for this challenge. Good job!
me, Chef Zam, and my lovely partner Efi
 We got consolation for our tiramisu and we got ourselves each a Kitchen Machine worth RM1099.

choiyen and me
Just like the caption on my tees, Sweet Dreams. 
too tired on the cooking battle! But I enjoyed so much. Thanks Sidney for the invite!
I get motivated to practice and brush up more on my skill for the next battle! 
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