Wednesday, April 9

Guardian's "My Date with Beauty"

This year event was held at One Utama Shopping Centre. Participants were given a makeover, goodie bag and a personalized photo to bring home. I was one of the lucky one to fit in. We had our hair restyled by A Cut Above Academy and given tips on how to use make up to enhance our features. A total of 20 hair stylists and make-up artists worked tirelessly, attending to the participants.

There were many fun filled activities to keep participants entertained.

I had a great time over the weekend taking part in the Great Guardian Makeover, an event that focused on helping the individual look and feel good from the inside out. Many thanks to Tammy from The Butterfly Project for the invite to such a great event! I enjoyed my makeover session very much.

I met a new blogger there, siting next to me is Shivani. She's a outspoken lovely lady and we had nice chat throughout the event!

Spotted one of the participant in wheel chair. I feel touched because the person that brought this old lady must be her sweet daughter.

Thanks to my young hairstylist from A Cut Above Academy in minutes! Love his red hair~~~

yeay~what do you think of my new look?
we get to choose Nude or Glam look and here's my nude look...I want something simple and natural~

After the makeup session, we hopped off to Dave's Deli for lunch....

my beef lasagna~
My Date Of the day
gorgeous babe with her GLAM LOOK!!

me with my NUDE LOOK...

Customers who purchased RM20 and above including 1 participating brand in a single receipt were entitled to 1 makeover ticket at RM10! You'll get a makeover session, photo session and a goody bag.

Besides, there are 2 contests going on! PhotoBox Contest on Facebook and Instagram Contest. Contest period is from 5th April- 30th April.
For the Photobox Contest on Facebook,
(i) Participants need to pose creatively with the given props
(ii) LIKE the Guardian Facebook page
(iii) Look for your photo in "PhotoBox Contest"
(iv) Tag yourself on the photo and upload as your facebook profile picture.

**The lucky winner wins a Designer Bag worth RM1,640

As for the Instagram Contest,
(i) Follow #guardianmalaysia
(ii) Snap a selfie
(iii) Submit photo and in not more than 20 words tell Guardian "What makes you beautiful".
(iv) Tag @guardianmalaysia and #GuardianBeauties

here's my photo, wish me luck ya!!!
now to think of a caption....hmmmm.....
**a chance to win a Designer Bag worth RM1,140

18brands participated in this year's event:
L'Oreal Paris
Maybelline New York
Bio Essence
BioGrow Oat BG22
Hada Labo
Nano White
For more info checkout:
Guardian Malaysia FB page

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