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7 different ways of preparing Beijing Roasted Duck@Si Chuan Dou Hua

Had a great time last night sharing the goodness of duck feast with my blogger friends! 
"I love duck but duck hates me!" This shows how much I love to eat duck.
People used to say they don't like duck, beef, lamb because of the smell...but to me it is part of the tastiness thou....and fret not because chef will do his job to cover the smell with his secret recipe!Thanks Sidney again for the invitation to taste out beijing roasted duck with different interesting pairing. Sounds interesting right?
Check out my beijing roasted duck dinner at Park Royal Kuala Lumpur last night.
one word:AWESOME!!!!!

As starter, we were amused by the presentation of this. It's a combination of button mushroom, squid, jelly fish, cucumber and of course our main character of the day, the duckie with sauce!    
 yumm yummm!!!!It was really appetizing!

Next, something expected here when I see this decor....
Tea Connoisseur who presents the humble act of tea art.

Look you can enjoy you dining with some tea-pouring performance going on!!!! spotted Choiyen in the house!

 This is the restaurant's signature Eight Treasures Tea or you can order other blends such as Flower Tea or Oolong Tea.

 Chef is showing his skill in slicing the duck skin to prepare the Duck Skin wrapped with Seaweed and Julienne Legumes for us.

 It isn't as easy as it looks! You have to make sure that the skin is thin enough.

 See how skillful he is!

 This is the first time I see seaweed going together with the wrap. You know what, we actually love it
! It goes well with the wrap! Amazing!!!

Roasted until golden brown, the crispy duck skin is delicately carved in front of diners to prepare the unconventional Duck Skin wrapped with Seaweed and Julienne Legumes.
Speaking about hygiene, it is good that they wear gloves while preparing the food for us!

See!!! It's like a fusion of Chinese and Japanese style..It is wrapped in seaweed along with cucumber, spring onions and sweet sauce.

I don't like to eat skin just on it's own and normally the fats under the skin is very thick. But this is different, it is crispy and the fragrant from the roasted duck blends well with the sauce and the wrap. I'll definitely say yes to this!

 How can it be Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant without any Si Chuan dishes in their menu?
The Wok-fried Duck with Sichuan Spicy Chilli is the classic dish found at Si Chuan Dou Hua. Ohhh, I surrender for this. The chillies numb my lips and tongue! gosh... 

 Stir-Fried Duck with Young Ginger and Spring Onions is the ideal choice for everyone as it is the non-spicy dish.

Stir-Fired Duck with Fragrant Black Pepper is a milder version for the palette of those who do not want their dishes too spicy.

Next, a uniquely crafted dish is the Sliced Duck with mango and Spicy Sauce. No worries, this is not too spicy...just a hint...I love this because the combination of mango and duck is something new for me. I've tasted lamb with mango but never tried this! Love the sweetness of the mango with the tenderness of the meat! Just can't stop myself to carve more...

The Duck Dan Dan Noodles is served with strips of duck meat for those who are partial towards noodles.

 Another noodles option is the Longevity Duck Noodles. This dish comes with wantan noodles topped with sauteed duck slices. While the Crispy Duck Noodles comes with duck slices and sauce poured onto the noodles. If you were to ask me, I would choose Longevity Duck Noodles because it is more flavorful! 

so our duckie feast ended with non-duck desserts....
 mango pudding
 tau fu far
 gui ling gao

 fortune cookies!!!
it says:" Hope is like food. You will starve without it...."

love my quack quack session with my foodie friends! Long time didn't catchup with them due to my hectic working life. It's good to share good food with people who knows how to appreciate food!

crack a joke....

The Beijing Roasted Duck promotion priced at RM99 nett per duck. It is available during lunch from 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm and during dinner from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Kindly visit the links below for more info:
 For reservations, please call 03 21470088 or email
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