Thursday, December 12

Chili's KLCC

December, what a happening month with loads of wedding dinner, wedding luncheon, and of course birthday celebration for the December babies!!! Here's a share of my first time....Ya you didn't hear me wrong! It's my first time to try Chili's. Here you go, a birthday celebration with my brother and sisters at Chili's KLCC.
Kick Nachos CMB RM29.95
Tell me!!!!Is this the legendary must order Nachos from Chili's?

GG S&S CK RM26.95

Chicken Caesar RM24.95
When the waiter serve this, we gave a big WOW expression because it is HUMONGOUSLY big plate of salad!!! I think it's good because everything else is meat and we definitely need some greens to balance up our meal!

Burger Bite W/FF RM26.95
Yet, another big guy but then it doesn't taste as big as it looks! Just a normal guy to me...

Quesa Chicken RM25.95

Combo Faj RM37.95
Wrapped with tortillas

FC Dory RM28.95
The Dory Fish is a bit thin for me because everything here is so big in portion but definitely not this fish dude! But I really love the mashes as usual!

Molten Lava RM19.95
Actually I think that this is a bit overrated and so I was a bit disappointed with the high expectation by reviewers.

best part about food is to share among your friends so that you won't get fat easily!!!muahahahah

my dear brother and sisters in christ

and while we were having our dinner here, the lovely rainbow fountain captured my attention!

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