Tuesday, November 12

Mural artist Ernest Zacharevic paints a realistic take of Johor

If you know the person behind penang mural, you should know recently he left his footprint at Johor.
Here's a repost from MSN.com
So surprise to see they picked my comment from the facebook page for this article.
just my little opinion....

Mural artist Ernest Zacharevic paints a realistic take of Johor
Social issue takes the spotlight in Ernest's latest work, spotted in Johor Bahru.

Ernest Zacharevic
The mural on 7th November 2013

UPDATED: Mural artist Ernest Zacharevic posted a recent picture of his art (above) on his Facebook nine hours ago, with the caption, "Politically correct version - there is nothing that flowers could not cover! #onlypenang." If you look closer, the 'Lego man' who was drawn holding a knife, has been replaced with a bouquet of flowers. This came after news daily The Star reported that the The Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) will seek “expert views” on his graffiti art.
Bewildered readers have shared comments on his Facebook timeline, with one reader Farhan lamenting: "As a Malaysian, I feel ashamed with the government we have." Another reader Chow Yin Yin shared, "ya Ernest! we personally understand your message. Anyways, (I) support your passion and keep changing the world into a piece of art with your masterpiece!"
What do you think? Should the government leave the mural as it is?
Ernest Zacharevic
The mural as of 11th November 2013
"JB, home of Malaysia's very own Legoland" read the caption on the above picture, shared by mural artist Ernest Zacharevic on his Facebook account. The artist who is now working on some murals in Johor Bahru, could not be reached for comments. But Malaysian fans have been sharing the photo and comments, since the photo first appeared two hours ago, with at least 3,454 likes and 586 shares.
Lee Keng Chong
Malaysian Lee Keng Chong poses with Ernest's latest mural depicting a snatch-theft crime.
On the mural, Gavin Pang commented that "it tugs at the heartstrings because we know that it's true", while Nicole Raymond Low lamented that "it also shows the high crime rate in that area." Do you think the mural serves as a reminder or warning to pedestrians and tourists visiting Johor? Should authorities be doing more to reduce the street crimes in towns? Were you a victim or have you witnessed any street crime before?
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