Saturday, September 7

Project Runway:Plastic Bag Fashion Collection 2013

Everybody says:Teaching is so easy just like walking in a park but only teachers know that the park is "JURASSIC PARK" with a variety of dinosaurs!!!
and I can assure you that this class consists of lots of T-rex!!!! **faint

Anyways, I always believe and put hope on every kids no matter how good or how bad they are. Don't ever give up any of them cause as long as there is a hope there is a chance for them to learn. Keep reminding myself that I have to let them enjoy their childhood just like how I enjoyed mine last time when I was still a kid in my primary school SJK(C) Chi Man. I don't know how long I can keep this spirit on but I believe God will give me the strength. But I must admit that at times, I get exhausted and had my down moments or demotivated especially when they misbehave.

So, this is my second year into teaching Bahasa Malaysia. What the heck is this Music teacher teaching language subject??? Oh this is the fact for primary school teachers. We have to be versatile once we entered this field. joke my expression was like "WHAT???" when I was assigned to teach BM. That is why you can see me slotting some arts and music into my Year 2 BM class. At least it's least boredom for the student and ME!!!! XD   

Hari Tanpa Beg Plastik
As this is the topic for the week, my mind suddenly pops with a plastic bag fashion show. Yay!Why not?! Age is never an excuse!!! Let's see they can take my challenge or not. 

They have to come out with a dress or clothing with plastic bags, each will present their sentence in Bahasa Malaysia about their creation infront. Last but not least, my favourite part.....ROCK DA STAGE with their catwalks and POSE!!!!wuhoooo...crazy teacher...XP
 I must say I was a bit stunned by their effort when I walked into the class yesterday! Fuhhhhh~~~salute you kids!!! Even your teacher cannot do this when I was at your age! They took it seriously!No kidding...
and here's their creation....6 different groups:
It was such a coincident the groups with female model came out with princess collection:

The only two boys model of course with their favourite Macho electro-suit and brazil jersey!!!
 He's a true poser!!!
His jersey blown me away!!!Walau~~Love the creation from this group and how they put their effort in this!!! He even acted out the character of a Soccer Player during the presentation session and giving out name card some more...bloody yeng!! "Saya ialah Hoo Chang Li, pemain nombor sepuluh dari Brazil...As he is the smartest kid in the class, so I throwout a question just like those beauty pageant contest.
Cikgu Chow:" Mengapa kumpulan kamu menghasilkan baju jersi ini?
Hoo Chang Li:".....kerana saya suka kumpulan Brazil!"
Cikgu Chow:"Mengapa kamu suka kumpulan ini?"
Hoo Chang Li:"kerana kumpulan Brazil menang 5 kali johan dalam pertandingan bola sepak!"

I "WOW" in my heart with his's a clear cut winning for this group!!! 
you guys are awesome!!!round of applause!!! They did a great effort for the show. Everyone is equally important that was what I told them to work as a team.

Congrats to the winning group but I was a bit sorry to see some of the kids from other groups started to feel down and some like wanna cry... 
Aizzz what to do...Nanny time...That's the worst part for me..o(=____=)o 

But really happy when I see their happy faces during the show and that's the satisfaction that I long for.
I don't see myself as a teacher..I go into class and experiment the kids.
They teach me how to be a mentor with soul and we learn together...
that's all for this project!

stay tuned for my next experiment...=)

when Teacher Yin become Cikgu Chow
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