Wednesday, September 11


Recently I bought two short necklace from Vlovestyle fashion jewellery store via facebook simply because I always wanted to get myself a short necklace just that I can't find one which suits me. In my opinion, this is a MUST HAVE item as it goes well with simple top! Alright, since they are having a 50% off so I quickly grab two! =P
Here's one of them and I'll share the next one later in another fashion post.
Personality Triangle Box Statement Necklace
Length: 45 cm
Pendant: 2 cm (W) x 3 cm (H)
price:RM 17.90
50% off

So here's how I paired it!
This is a tribal look necklace which I paired with a simply white top and it matched well with my curly tribal look too. I love it!!!What do you think? Best of all, the quality of the necklace is good! Guess I will continue to keep an eye on their page..\(^o^)/
Can go WAKA WAKA now...=P 

Checkout Vlovestyle facebook page:

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