Wednesday, July 24

Vanish did the magic tricks!

[all picture taken by my Samsung S3 without any filter or further edit]

Recently, I got some samples of Vanish detergent and I was curious with the effectiveness of this brand because honestly I never tried it before....So no harm give it a try!

"VANISH AND YOU Save Water: Using Vanish, your clothes do not need to be washed more than once."

That's the promising tagline from Vanish so let's put it to test! 

So here I'm going to test on the white one and the pink one...
#1 (White) Fabric Stain Remover+Whitener
#2 (Pink) Fabric Stain Remover
ohh ohh minion sneak into my picture....helping me out with the laundry =P

#1 (White) Fabric Stain Remover+Whitener
-it removes stains and keeps whites white

In order to put it to a test, I had chosen an old white tee from my closet. Or should I say I had abandoned this tee for ages....How many of you still remember "Ragnarok Online Game"? If yes which means your childhood is awesome...hahahahahah familiar tagline from one of those fb share!   
As we all know anything white will become yellowish after seriously I need this as it works like a magic here!!!Now you see, Now you don't!!!! Amazing right?

So this is what I do...A little scoop will do for the test and I let the white tee soak in there for about 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. For best result on tough stains, rub before rinsing. 

#2 (Pink) Fabric Stain Remover

Let's tryout something else than whitening!
What about something like your makeup? Lipstick stain perhaps! 

This is considered a stubborn stain as I need to soak it for sometime and rub it for a better result! I don't want any mark on my white hankie!!! 

Another magic trick by Vanish!!!!
I swear I didn't change a new hankie here =P

Well, you love the verdict???

If you want to try Vanish detergents, you can get a free sample delivered right to your doorstep now. Just go to Vanish website (, click on “Request for free sample” at the bottom right, and it will be delivered to you. A must try!

Another thing you should do is join Vanish competition where you can win awesome prizes in 3 easy steps: The Vanish competition prizes are such as 32″ LED TV, washing machine, refrigerator, and products for consolation and voters. Cool right??!! Checkout their official website for more info of the contest!

Wanna know more about Vanish products? Read on Vanish testimonials, and other tips and tricks on how to remove those stubborn stains, dirt, etc....

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