Saturday, July 20

Despicable Me2 craft

Ba Ba Ba Babanana *slap*
okok sorry for the haters but I love them so much especially when they giggles....XD
so continue on my journey in far so good....just that sometimes I get bored with teaching lauguage! yes especially BM....Into my second year of teaching BM and I just couldn't repeat those activities again and again!

So here's a little idea on what I did with my year 2 student.
Topic on: "Lambang Negara"
(Checkout Year 2 BM Text Book)
Idea of this activity:
  • they have to design their minion with all sorts of lambang negara, for ex: jalur gemilang, bunga raya, ringgit malaysia..... 
  • next, they need to create a tag for their minion's biodata, (Nama, Umur, Makanan Kegemaran)
  • follow up with a presentation infront
Of course, you might be thinking, year 2 can present infront, you must be kidding me?
Well, let's start of with the smartest person in class and you will be seeing everyone copying him/her.
Let them learn from copy first then you add a little spice into it by guiding them....

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Good luck teaching mates!!!
just a little share from me...

teacher who loves chocolate 

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