Wednesday, July 24

Vanish did the magic tricks!

[all picture taken by my Samsung S3 without any filter or further edit]

Recently, I got some samples of Vanish detergent and I was curious with the effectiveness of this brand because honestly I never tried it before....So no harm give it a try!

"VANISH AND YOU Save Water: Using Vanish, your clothes do not need to be washed more than once."

That's the promising tagline from Vanish so let's put it to test! 

So here I'm going to test on the white one and the pink one...
#1 (White) Fabric Stain Remover+Whitener
#2 (Pink) Fabric Stain Remover
ohh ohh minion sneak into my picture....helping me out with the laundry =P

Saturday, July 20

Despicable Me2 craft

Ba Ba Ba Babanana *slap*
okok sorry for the haters but I love them so much especially when they giggles....XD
so continue on my journey in far so good....just that sometimes I get bored with teaching lauguage! yes especially BM....Into my second year of teaching BM and I just couldn't repeat those activities again and again!

So here's a little idea on what I did with my year 2 student.
Topic on: "Lambang Negara"
(Checkout Year 2 BM Text Book)
Idea of this activity:
  • they have to design their minion with all sorts of lambang negara, for ex: jalur gemilang, bunga raya, ringgit malaysia..... 
  • next, they need to create a tag for their minion's biodata, (Nama, Umur, Makanan Kegemaran)
  • follow up with a presentation infront
Of course, you might be thinking, year 2 can present infront, you must be kidding me?
Well, let's start of with the smartest person in class and you will be seeing everyone copying him/her.
Let them learn from copy first then you add a little spice into it by guiding them....

from my instagram
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Wednesday, July 10

Minions Banana Song and collectibles

I bet many of you are kinda annoyed by them...
their songs
their toys
their sound!!!!XD
I know some love it some hate it....hahahahah me???
love and hate them at the same time!

So....brought to you by the minions from Mcdonalds!!!
here's the lyrics of the BANANA SONG...

I just can't figure out why BANANA can match with POTATO...hahahahahaha
enjoy the picture here...^^

Sunday, July 7

SPA Party at POSH!

First and foremost wanna thank Tammy from OnlyBeauty aka

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