Sunday, June 16

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S4

Which is yours?

As the saying goes, " do not judge a book by it's cover...."
but sometimes, it's the cover which attracts you at the first I right?   
This is taken during the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4...a bit of comparison between my S3 and S4...

Let's see what inner beauties Samsung Galaxy S4 has to offer!
A person like me will definitely checkout the camera first because I love photography...and S4 did not disappoint me...Let's see the wonderful mode here...=)  I don't think you will get bored snapping around!

In conjunction of father's day, I decided to bring along my S4 for a test....and here is the verdict:
Jelly cake taken with S4

Father's day collage taken with S4

#Air View
look!!! I'm a wizard! expleliarmussss~~~~~

#Sound & Shot
This captures a few seconds of sound with each picture taken, so that you get a bit more atmosphere with your still.
Kids dedication performance in church this morning....

This feature is just nice when you wanna know what's on stage and the respond from the audience.

to create amazing animated GIFs without having to touch a computer. You can even change the direction it animates or even trim it!
Google wishing everyone a happy father's day!=)) 

This is good for landscape capture.
#Drama mode
It takes multiple photos of a scene, then combines the action into one frame. How cool is that!!!

#Dual Shot 
now you can unleash the creative juices in you with this great features!

my bear face selca XD

Last but not least,
Happy Parent's day!^^


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