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First and foremost, thanks to Sa Sa Malaysia for the complete set of [CYBER COLORS] CYBER C'KIN GEMSTONE CELL CARE online giveaway!!!
 When I saw my name in Sa Sa Malaysia's fb page and I was like....are you serious??I won!!!!

Ok so let's zoom in what I get...

#all picha taken by my new toy Samsung Galaxy S4 without filter...

This unique and power-packed skincare series contains pink and pearly white micro beauty beads with encapsulated radiance-boosting ingredients, for constant release of nourishment and active ingredients into the deep layers of your skin.

These pink and beauty beads encapsulate these main ingredients:

- PhytoCellTec™ Argan,
- Cytokine Booster
- 6 types of precious gemstone powder,
- and other active ingredients

So let's see whether I can transform from an ugly duckling into a swan after this!=P I wish to!

#Cyber Colors Gemstone CC Foam Cleanser 180 ml
Use:Dampen face with clear water. Apply it morning and evening and massage delicately into the face with circular strokes (avoiding eyes) and rinse off abundantly with lukewarm water.

Foam type cleanser is my favourite as it leaves my skin gentle and refreshing. I love this because your skin won't feel tight after washing your face.

#Cyber Colors Gemstone CC Toner Essence 150 ml
Use:Shake well before use. Apply morning and evening over thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Massage gently until capsules dissolved.

Look!!!!There's pink and pearly white micro beauty beads in it. I love it as it is watery and not those sticky type!

#Cyber Colors Gemstone CC Eye Contour Gel /20 ml
Use:Apply morning and evening to the skin around the eyes. Massage gently until capsules dissolved.
Function:It helps improve the appearance of the fine lines & wrinkles.

Until now I couldn't find a product which is effective in helping me to improve fine lines around my eyes. Let me use this for some period of time and share to you the outcome later...I love that this is not cream type nor gel type. From this picture you can see that it is kinda watery...nice =)

#Cyber Colors Gemstone CC Concentrate 30 ml
Function:Penetrates the deeper layers with constant release of active ingredients to hydrate your skin and improve its moisture-absorbing ability. This hydrating concentrate can effectively promote your skin’s firmness and elasticity, leaving you with smooth, radiant and firm-looking skin.

Use:Shake before use. After Toner Essence, apply morning and evening over face and neck. Massage gently until capsules dissolved.

Although it says concentrated but it is something watery and it absorbed very fast!!Cool love it!!!

#Cyber Colors Gemstone CC Hydrating Cream 50 g
Use:Apply morning and evening over face and neck. Massage gently until capsules dissolved.

Keep your skin hydrated is a MUST especially at this hot season!!! Your skin will look dull without water and moisture!

#Cyber Colors Gemstone CC UV Cut Lotion SPF40++ 35 ml
Use:After Hydrating Cream, apply gently over face until capsules dissolved.

picture of before and after blend into my skin....

Previously, those sunblock that I used is more of foundation type and it's cream colour but then this is white colour and again it is non sticky!!!^^

picture after my first trial...
without filter or edit***

Although my dark circle and puffy eye bag is still there but let's see whether the eye contour gel can help me to solve my problem or skin feels clean and smooth after using the product and it leaves my skin a lot moisture than other product that I came across! Will continue my update on this product from CYBER COLORS!!! Ohh by the way, I love the mild scent of the products. At the moment, I'm satisfied with my first trial!

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Once again thanks to Sa Sa Malaysia for the great gift and here you can checkout their official website for more info and contest:
Sa Sa Malaysia
Sa Sa Malaysia Facebook Page
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