Tuesday, June 25


Have you ever celebrate your birthday in cinema before?
Well....she did!!!!!!

It's a SUPER DUPER magnificent, special and happy day!!!Thanks to Tammy for picking me to be one of the lucky winner to experience the beaniplex and also having an awesome movie "MAN OF STEEL" with my partner and other blogger friends! We conquered the whole tgv beaniplex....heheheheh.....how cool right?! Once again, happy birthday tammy aka plusizekitten for celebrating her 5 years old blog!gimme five!Thanks for sharing good stuff with us all the time..=) Checkout her blog here: http://www.plusizekitten.com/

Dessert table is another awesome thing in this birthday party!Wanna know who incharge of the setting and the lovely dessert table? #AskJoey...yes, just ask her =P
Checkout her facebook page here:

She did all these by herself...claps!*** Her creation really impressive!!!!What do you think? =)
If you need to find a party planner, #AskJoey, she is willing to help you...

Superman love RAINBOW CAKE too!!!!

Me and my friend enjoyed our moment at TGV BEANIEPLEX because this is our first time experiencing the comfy bean bag!!!oh my gosh!!!it's so comfy that I can almost fall asleep in the cinema...zzzZZZZzz.......

Thank you TGV for the nice setting and as you can see blue and red are the theme colour of the day!
By the way, I learned that they will come out special edition popcorn with flavours such as kimchi and etc...(by season) so check it out....

Congrats to the winners...
they won themselves OLAY hamper!!!

Bloggers of the day.....

(right)Sherry and her son

(clockwise from top left)Kahmon, Janice, Chency, and Yeeming(my partner, which is not a blogger)
sorry, I didn't get to catchup or know some of the bloggers here...=(


So, till then.....
SUPER TAMMY is off to save the world again......
Blast off~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!

-peace off-

Tammy's blog:

Ask Joey-The Sweetest Party:

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