Saturday, June 29

ChatON Official Media Launch @The Butter Factory KL

Last night was truly a happening night at The Butter Factory K.L. ChatON, a cross-platform mobile messaging app celebrated the sea of orange with the official unveiling of its brand new television commercial and announcement of its upcoming partnerships.  
ChatON is now available in 62 languages in over 200 countries, how cool is that!!! Moreover, it comes with a host of innovative features to add zest and colour into everyday conversations. So, just ChatON-Lah!!! =)

 I was surprised yet excited when I saw starbucks truck!!!!wow~^^ An announcement of partnership between ChatON and Starbucks which will offer users the privilege of enjoying special promotions just by adding Starbucks as a Special Buddy in the ChatON app!!! The Special Buddy feature provides offers, updates and news feeds from third party vendors in real-time. 

 It seems like every event I went, there will be a photo-booth waiting for us just by the entrance...hahahah but sadly my cam-whore technique is just.....huh~sigh XD 

 "Samsung constantly innovates to provide consumers with opportunities relevant to the changing times, and ChatON is testament to this," said Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

round of applause for the gimmick of the night!!!!
The dance performance of ChatON official mascot-Chatty and the other dancers whack the stage with PSY's Gentleman!

Next, game is on when we were ask to find our group of ChatON characters and just be on stage without knowing the prize is actually Samsung mini S3!!!!!! Me and Yukiko (I'm Chipo) were just few inches to our mini luck tonight... ^^

Next, spotted everyone wearing orange outfit???
it's a Best Dressed Competition!!!!

It's not as simple as just standing there and choose the winner of the best dressed, they were asked to do a creative cat walk....modelling their orange outfit and also their orange personality to win the phone!!!!! So hard~~~~

The so called nervous guy of the day blow the stage with his HipHop dance...The audience was like WOW!!!!!! You got the moves!!!

Oh gosh~XD My favourite picked-The Carrot guy with mustache (Karmun's boyfie)
 Hilarious!!!!!!! =P girls ROCKXXX!!!!! They were so sporting in presenting themselves!!!!claps***
hahahahahh even the MC get pulled in the catwalk... =P


Congrats to the winners!!!!!
 Aris and Samuel

spotted Zana

Congrats to all!!!! So generous of Samsung Malaysia!!! 

Last but not least,
Thanks to MANOAH and Samsung Malaysia for the invitation to ChatOn Officia Media Launch @ The Butter Factory KL!!! A night full of laughter.. =D  
me and karen oh =P

I got my ChatON! Have you?ChatON is available on Android, IOS, BlackBerry,Windows.... Download now and ChatON-Lah!!!!=)

For more info you can checkout:
Samsung FB page

Samsung Official Site

ChatON Official Site

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