Friday, May 31

The Butterfly's Project Spa Party

Wahhh I guess the heat is on when I saw lots of bloggers posted their entry!
Everyone's so interesting and I get stress up....huhu....which means my chances is lesser....time ticking and it's almost deadline....This is more gancheong than hitting my assignment deadline!!!!euwwww~~~

I'm just a random potato blogger among all the tomato bloggers....
 So,a potato blogger like me can join this exciting SPA PARTY???
Here's my 3 REASONS why I will not miss this party?
Reason Number 1:
Lots of nice collaborators
People said picture sounds a thousand words.....Just look at this lovely pinkish polka dots picture, don't tell me you are not tempted at all!!!!I bet it will be a happening SPA PARTY with so many collaborators, wuhoooo!!!!

  • Posh! Nail Spa
  • Idea Food Solution
  • Fotobox
  • Tres Chic Party Planner
  • The Body Shop Malaysia
  • so Soft. so JOHNSON'S®
  • Havaianas Malaysia
  • PinkNProper
  • TT Mask Malaysia
****jaw drop****** 

Reason number 2:
Meet new and old blogger friends
To be honest there are many bloggers which I don't really know them. So this SPA PARTY will be the best time to know them in one shot! It's like a gathering for all the bloggers! I will become Jelly at home seeing all my friends there but me watching the fun through Facebook.....bloop bloop....jelly moment....

Reason number 3:
I know it's lame but......I never been to SPA before.....

I AM A NERD.....heheheheh.....
So it's gonna be my first time!

Just my simple but genuine answer for my reasons.....pick me pick me...=P

Checkout our Tammy Lim aka. mamasan's official website here:

for more interesting party in future! Thanks for being kind in sharing good stuff!!!Graciaz....=)
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