Wednesday, May 15

Teaffani Patisserie Afternoon Tea Review

First of all, thanks to Teaffani Patisserie for the invitation earlier of this afternoon tea review and also special thanks to Lullabe Homamade Soaps for sponsoring her homemade ointments :) Feel so honored because I was one of the 15 bloggers to be chosen to review this and best to know that we are actually the first batch of bloggers to review Teaffani!Thanks to Tammy Lim for the invite too ^^ 
 have you been to PARKAMAYA at Farrenheit, K.L? you should discover this if you have not!

It's a hidden gem inside the shopping mall!
If you searching for these keyword? Checkout Teaffani Patisserie at Parkamaya!
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Thanks to Lullabelle homemade for the lovely gift!!!
Lullabelle handmade natural soap Purple Magical Ointment RM10

It can reduce eczema and detoxify when used externally especially for people with acnes, prickly heat, eczema and itchiness due to unknown causes, inflammation and allergic skin.
Checkout more of Lullabelle handmade at:
Lullabelle handmade facebook page

Arrival of bloggers

spotted some of my long time no see blogger friend~so happy!and of course some new blogger friend^^

Funny Tammy with lots of expression 
Thanks Teaffani for the lovely door gift-Chocolate coated Almond Flakes!

others paying attention but Senri
hahahahahha.....say cheese Senri! happy see you there girl! XD

Here's our tea moments...
enjoy... =)

"We enjoy our tea session so much! We giggled, had girl's gossip and indulge in sweet dessert and warm welcoming tea! Everything is so delicate! Sweet and lovely it max! =)
Feels like Alice enjoying her tea party in the garden! "

nice tea sets they have there!!!

Nothing best to end the session with a group photo!!!

with the nautie STUDENTS!!!!

Thanks Tammy for the creative collage for us!!!!^^
nice meeting all of u...
yea old school uniform is our dress code of the day!
Senri, Fish, Choco and Cindy!

another Happy Memories with my blogger friends... =)

-peace off-

Checkout Teaffani facebook page:

and also Lullabelle Handmade Soap facebook page:

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