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ONE WOMAN CAN be different!
yea...that's my answer...

 I've entered mine!!
It's your time to be a star!Get your Mary Kay makeover and enter for the chance to be the Mary Kay cover girl in Asia and win a 4D 3N trip to Hong Kong plus other fabulous prizes!

Here's how it works:
#1 Contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

#2 Attend a Colour Class and get a self-makeover

#3 Upload your before and after photos to

#4 Get Votes Online! The more votes you get, the more chances you have to win!

For your information, this makeup range is actually from America and it's from a founder-Mary Kay Ash.
So I suppose I can trust the brand well because it is founded since 1963 with many years of their expertise in makeup range.

This is actually my first ever hands on makeup experience by myself~***shy to say that...^^
ok, I know you won't believe me but I swear with three fingers!!!
I rarely makeup if you know me well. Simply because I hate something sticky or powdery sticking all over my face...and clog my pores....or maybe I'm lazy?hahahahah....XD
Here's my bare face
I don't really afraid to show a photo of my bare face because it's my everyday look that you see!
By the way, I'm just a happy average girl... :) 
BOO~~ happy halloween!!!XD

Now here's my transformation after a consultation session on how to use MARY KAY's makeup range by my beauty consultant
 so...what's your opinion on my makeup look?

of course I'm not a pro in makeup and this is my very first time blending everything on my face and I really had a hard time! huh~ not easy being a pretty woman huh..gosh~! >___< There are moments where I put too much of powder and it went into my nose and I sneezed crazily, poked my eyes when using the eye liner, ouch! Applied too much of the eye shadow and looks like punched by people in the eyes...!!! In short, I made my beauty consultant's keep laughing the whole night.  
To spice up my look, I try on a hairband to create a hippy look...
Thanks for the lovely hairband!
I always love bohemian and hippy look!^^  

Love the details of my hairband with tiny pearls and laced.
So lovely... =)

Next, I try on another hairband and it's from my own collection... 

So (A) and (B) which one you prefer?

tell me tell me!!! ^^

here's my friendly beauty consultant from MARY KAY!
Thanks Zunita Zubir, she's a very friendly and fun person to work with! Nice makeup moment with her throughout the night although I was very tired after work. I appreciate her help just like a friend of mine! =)  
Your great tips and guidance in my makeup session makes me look different!
ONE WOMAN CAN be different
yea I look different!!!
thanks MARY KAY for the nice makeover opportunity!

For more info checkout mary kay's official website:
MARY KAY Facebook:

MARY KAY Malaysia 03-7711  7500

MARY KAY SINGAPORE 65-6226  6888

For my beauty consultant:
Zunita Zubir 019 243 9887

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