Monday, May 6

Malaysia's GE13

I believe lots of you gone through this today....
lots of opinion......lots of share.....lots of thoughts.....
but at the end of today....
just one word...
yes I'm tired to say anything or to express anything....

here's a sum up of Malaysia's 13th General Election.....

[post retrieved from facebook]
From Malaysia General 13th Election we know :

1. 选票箱会从天上掉下来

Voting box can fall from the sky.

2. 选票箱会在停电后现身

Voting box can appear after electricity blackout in counting process.

3. 选票箱原来有上等货跟次货

Voting box has two types-- "normal" and "special" .

4. 选票箱原来是用机场taxi送进去计票中心

Voting box can be sent to vote collection centre with special taxi from airport.

5. 选票箱可以不见几小时之后被送进计票中心

Voting box can disappear few hours , and suddenly sent to vote collection centre.

6. 外劳可以决定我们大马公民的未来

Foreign workers can decide Malaysia citizen's future.

7. 部分警察可以对人民施暴

Some armed authority can use violent to people.

8. 警察跟镇暴部队是保护"Rela"而存在的

The police and anti-riot is only to protect government body, not the people.

9. 动不动就叫镇爆队出来恐吓人民

Anti riot force is used to scare the people.

10. 不退色墨汁的7天有效期不是在手指,而是在记忆

Permanent ink stays 7 days NOT on the finger, but in memories.

11. 不退色墨汁有halal 跟 non-halal

Permanent ink has "halal" and "non halal".

12. 选票有瑕疵,是不能要求换票,还要被大声喝走

If vote ballot paper has deformity and reported, it was not allowed to change, and voters being chased away.

13. 这条是最重要的 ——开票有必要这么久吗?!5个小时竟然开不完一般议席的选票?!
It takes very very long to count vote, even after 5 hours of voting due time, voting is still on going.

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