Friday, May 31

The Butterfly's Project Spa Party

Wahhh I guess the heat is on when I saw lots of bloggers posted their entry!
Everyone's so interesting and I get stress up....huhu....which means my chances is lesser....time ticking and it's almost deadline....This is more gancheong than hitting my assignment deadline!!!!euwwww~~~

I'm just a random potato blogger among all the tomato bloggers....
 So,a potato blogger like me can join this exciting SPA PARTY???
Here's my 3 REASONS why I will not miss this party?
Reason Number 1:
Lots of nice collaborators
People said picture sounds a thousand words.....Just look at this lovely pinkish polka dots picture, don't tell me you are not tempted at all!!!!I bet it will be a happening SPA PARTY with so many collaborators, wuhoooo!!!!

  • Posh! Nail Spa
  • Idea Food Solution
  • Fotobox
  • Tres Chic Party Planner
  • The Body Shop Malaysia
  • so Soft. so JOHNSON'S®
  • Havaianas Malaysia
  • PinkNProper
  • TT Mask Malaysia
****jaw drop****** 

Reason number 2:
Meet new and old blogger friends
To be honest there are many bloggers which I don't really know them. So this SPA PARTY will be the best time to know them in one shot! It's like a gathering for all the bloggers! I will become Jelly at home seeing all my friends there but me watching the fun through Facebook.....bloop bloop....jelly moment....

Reason number 3:
I know it's lame but......I never been to SPA before.....

I AM A NERD.....heheheheh.....
So it's gonna be my first time!

Just my simple but genuine answer for my reasons.....pick me pick me...=P

Checkout our Tammy Lim aka. mamasan's official website here:

for more interesting party in future! Thanks for being kind in sharing good stuff!!!Graciaz....=)

Wednesday, May 15

Teaffani Patisserie Afternoon Tea Review

First of all, thanks to Teaffani Patisserie for the invitation earlier of this afternoon tea review and also special thanks to Lullabe Homamade Soaps for sponsoring her homemade ointments :) Feel so honored because I was one of the 15 bloggers to be chosen to review this and best to know that we are actually the first batch of bloggers to review Teaffani!Thanks to Tammy Lim for the invite too ^^ 
 have you been to PARKAMAYA at Farrenheit, K.L? you should discover this if you have not!

It's a hidden gem inside the shopping mall!
If you searching for these keyword? Checkout Teaffani Patisserie at Parkamaya!
#English #Hightea #Tea #Teaset #scones #tiramisu #sandwiches #Teapot #macaron #carrotcake #sweet #lovely #affordable #teatime

Thanks to Lullabelle homemade for the lovely gift!!!
Lullabelle handmade natural soap Purple Magical Ointment RM10

It can reduce eczema and detoxify when used externally especially for people with acnes, prickly heat, eczema and itchiness due to unknown causes, inflammation and allergic skin.
Checkout more of Lullabelle handmade at:
Lullabelle handmade facebook page

Arrival of bloggers

spotted some of my long time no see blogger friend~so happy!and of course some new blogger friend^^

Funny Tammy with lots of expression 
Thanks Teaffani for the lovely door gift-Chocolate coated Almond Flakes!

others paying attention but Senri
hahahahahha.....say cheese Senri! happy see you there girl! XD

Here's our tea moments...
enjoy... =)

"We enjoy our tea session so much! We giggled, had girl's gossip and indulge in sweet dessert and warm welcoming tea! Everything is so delicate! Sweet and lovely it max! =)
Feels like Alice enjoying her tea party in the garden! "

nice tea sets they have there!!!

Nothing best to end the session with a group photo!!!

with the nautie STUDENTS!!!!

Thanks Tammy for the creative collage for us!!!!^^
nice meeting all of u...
yea old school uniform is our dress code of the day!
Senri, Fish, Choco and Cindy!

another Happy Memories with my blogger friends... =)

-peace off-

Checkout Teaffani facebook page:

and also Lullabelle Handmade Soap facebook page:

Sunday, May 12


ONE WOMAN CAN be different!
yea...that's my answer...

 I've entered mine!!
It's your time to be a star!Get your Mary Kay makeover and enter for the chance to be the Mary Kay cover girl in Asia and win a 4D 3N trip to Hong Kong plus other fabulous prizes!

Here's how it works:
#1 Contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

#2 Attend a Colour Class and get a self-makeover

#3 Upload your before and after photos to

#4 Get Votes Online! The more votes you get, the more chances you have to win!

For your information, this makeup range is actually from America and it's from a founder-Mary Kay Ash.
So I suppose I can trust the brand well because it is founded since 1963 with many years of their expertise in makeup range.

This is actually my first ever hands on makeup experience by myself~***shy to say that...^^
ok, I know you won't believe me but I swear with three fingers!!!
I rarely makeup if you know me well. Simply because I hate something sticky or powdery sticking all over my face...and clog my pores....or maybe I'm lazy?hahahahah....XD
Here's my bare face
I don't really afraid to show a photo of my bare face because it's my everyday look that you see!
By the way, I'm just a happy average girl... :) 
BOO~~ happy halloween!!!XD

Now here's my transformation after a consultation session on how to use MARY KAY's makeup range by my beauty consultant
 so...what's your opinion on my makeup look?

of course I'm not a pro in makeup and this is my very first time blending everything on my face and I really had a hard time! huh~ not easy being a pretty woman huh..gosh~! >___< There are moments where I put too much of powder and it went into my nose and I sneezed crazily, poked my eyes when using the eye liner, ouch! Applied too much of the eye shadow and looks like punched by people in the eyes...!!! In short, I made my beauty consultant's keep laughing the whole night.  
To spice up my look, I try on a hairband to create a hippy look...
Thanks for the lovely hairband!
I always love bohemian and hippy look!^^  

Love the details of my hairband with tiny pearls and laced.
So lovely... =)

Next, I try on another hairband and it's from my own collection... 

So (A) and (B) which one you prefer?

tell me tell me!!! ^^

here's my friendly beauty consultant from MARY KAY!
Thanks Zunita Zubir, she's a very friendly and fun person to work with! Nice makeup moment with her throughout the night although I was very tired after work. I appreciate her help just like a friend of mine! =)  
Your great tips and guidance in my makeup session makes me look different!
ONE WOMAN CAN be different
yea I look different!!!
thanks MARY KAY for the nice makeover opportunity!

For more info checkout mary kay's official website:
MARY KAY Facebook:

MARY KAY Malaysia 03-7711  7500

MARY KAY SINGAPORE 65-6226  6888

For my beauty consultant:
Zunita Zubir 019 243 9887

Monday, May 6

Malaysia's GE13

I believe lots of you gone through this today....
lots of opinion......lots of share.....lots of thoughts.....
but at the end of today....
just one word...
yes I'm tired to say anything or to express anything....

here's a sum up of Malaysia's 13th General Election.....

Sunday, May 5

Vote for a better Malaysia!

today marks the darkest voting day ever in history of Malaysia!!!
I never imagine how DIRTY it was
not until I saw every of the dirty tactic by "you-know-who" in FB
the more I see the more I feel disgusted and shame on YOU!!!!
There is the so-called ghost voters by the BANGALA people...Malaysian is not bunch of stupid or blind people k???? 
I was deeply touched by the spirit and togetherness of Malaysian citizen, trying to protect the votes!  
May the best man win!!!!
Keep praying for the result tonight!

Here are the 13 angels from my church brothers and sisters
love you guys!!!!

We want a CLEAN MALAYSIA!!!!!!

Thank you


Saturday, May 4

a better tomorrow?

What will happen they day after tomorrow?

V is the word...
All the best Malaysia
I'll pray for you...

Wednesday, May 1

“One Woman Can” beauty contest

Mary Kay is currently organizing a “One Woman Can” beauty contest in conjunction with their 50th anniversary. This makeover contest to allow you girls to bring out the best in your looks and be given a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Hong Kong to attend the star-studded Asia Pacific Regional Finale Contest where the next cover girl of Mary Kay Asia will be chosen!


Mary Kay is one of the world’s renowned direct selling beauty brand.   In fact, Mary Kay® products are sold in more than 35 markets worldwide, and the Company’s global independent sales force exceeds 2 million.

Find out more at
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