Saturday, April 13

Teachers Can Cook!

[Samsung SIII phone update]

An update of what's happening this morning:
A cooking competition was held in my school today and I was so tired with all sorts of pre and post cooking until now ...**I am lying on my bed to blog about you can see how exhausted I am...
Now I salute every mom or dad who cooks and give a bow to you guys....a long one~@@
sorry ya....didn't bring along my DSLR...

We were give a budget of RM50 and two types of menu to choose on:
marmite chicken
fried rice

marmite chicken

so, can TEACHER cook? hahahahaha.....let's see...

this is the ONLY vegetarian group and believe me~~~~~their "satay" was a BOMB!!!!vanished in second after the food tasting moment...yummeh!!!!!guess will try to do myself some other day!

my group my group A . L. O. H. A ~~~~we go for haiwaian style....looks a bit like "CHILDREN CAN COOK" rite???? hahahahahah.....just for fun la... XD

Group 6 won the third placing!!!grats to those mama teachers...superb skill!

spot the chocolate fountain madness about chocolate!!!!! and such funny names....XD

by the MALAY teachers....CONOTBOY???hahahahah "Connaught"...=P

here's the winning dishes from the so called "BIG FIVE" which formed by five gentlemen
I was lucky lar their other halves!!!!

OHHH....guys won the first place~~~T_____T

each got a RM300 voucher to buy more cookware ^^

2nd place....

3rd place....

We didn't win anything....
but was very happy that it was my first time to cook a proper main course infront of so many people.....
gosh~~~~and here's the outcome....

clockwise from top left:
BABY ON BOARD, marmite chicken, pineapple fried rice ala Hawaian style, and special hand-mixed cocktail

many of them love and gave a thumbs to our cute baby creation here and yea~we love it too!!!!^^

photo credited to a school colleague of mine....
during preparation....why so serious????XDD
left xiaomin right XD

see my pretty team members...

and's a picture I posted earlier in my instagram....after all the effort and hardships, at the end of the day....
here's my lunch box!
but I didn't eat it actually..I asked my personal judges at home to give mom and dad....
hahahahah.....well, there's always room for improvement~and I will do a better version next time because some friends requested a delivery of this bento box....ohh well....stay tuned~=)

end my post with my OOTD of the day

chef hat from ZENNA
t-shirt from my school
apron from ZENNA
slack from my wardrobe

hahahahah....okok I'm crapping....
have a nice weekend!!!!
another worship day tomorrow...yeay!!!
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