Sunday, April 28

Samsung Galaxy S4 launch

Kuala Lumpur, 27 April 2013 — Samsung Malaysia Electronics is proud to introduce the arrival of Samsung
GALAXY S4, a next generation handset that is designed to bring people together and enrich everyday life.

spotted my friend fromYKLS in the acapella flash mob group!
Kevin and Kathleen

RED Samsung Galaxy Note II fitted nicely into my lifestyle!

R E D 
is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, blood, anger, socialism and communism, and in China and many other cultures, with happiness.

and here goes the hint of redness in my lifestyle...
If you know me well, you sure know I love to keep my feet busy!!! I just love sweating...
my passion in dancing keeps me moving towards a better and healthier lifestyle! 
 Therefore the colour of RED suits my personality well and of course a Ruby Wine Samsung Galaxy Note II will be just nice to fit in my current lifestyle!woohoooo it's sexy~^^

Friday, April 26

Iron Man 3

went TGV One U last night with my friend just for this.....

i think i should not reveal so much......
or else you will hate me much!right?
so go watch yourself~~~~quick!!!
before you hear whispering about what's going on!!!!

here's my shortest review so that I don't spoil your appetite watching yourself!
**some funny bomb
**happy ending

don't leave your sit after the show!!!!must wait till the credit ends!!!=P

again, Thanks Nuffnang Malaysia for the special screening invites!
a bit disappointed coz didn't win the merchandise...=(

here's my entry, IRON MAN @ my way:

-peace off-

Friday, April 19

[unbox] MIVVA April Box

MOM:"You got a parcel"
ME:"APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!Mom~~don't fool me!!!"

rub eyes @____________@ unbelievable!!! Tell me, who doesn't love surprises????

I was overjoyed when I unwrapped it. It's MIVVA box!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! Can't believe I got this and it's the APRIL BOX. So it's a happy APRIL FOOL for me....Checkout the box, it's MIVVA's new edition! Love the pastel design so much....Thanks ^^

Thursday, April 18

TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask, TT Mask Malaysia

First of all, thanks to Plus Size Kitten and Timeless Truth Malaysia for the Easter Giveaway!!!

Don't you think the sun has gone mad recently???
I'm sweating even when I'm sleeping....
THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!>____<
and my skin is suffering from dehydration!!!

                                         and so, something arrived in my mail box just in time!!!
Here's what I get in my envelop....
 3 Mosturizing mask (Instaneous Brightening Cooling Mask)
1 Anti Aging mask (Q10 Intense Elasticity Mask)

Wednesday, April 17

Iron Man 3:My Way

"it's a's a''s........."

Iron Man possesses powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons. 

As you can see, the weapons systems of the suit have changed over the years.

no matter yay or nay....
The armor is invented and worn by Stark (with occasional short-term exceptions).

Saturday, April 13

Teachers Can Cook!

[Samsung SIII phone update]

An update of what's happening this morning:
A cooking competition was held in my school today and I was so tired with all sorts of pre and post cooking until now ...**I am lying on my bed to blog about you can see how exhausted I am...
Now I salute every mom or dad who cooks and give a bow to you guys....a long one~@@
sorry ya....didn't bring along my DSLR...

We were give a budget of RM50 and two types of menu to choose on:
marmite chicken
fried rice

marmite chicken

so, can TEACHER cook? hahahahaha.....let's see...

this is the ONLY vegetarian group and believe me~~~~~their "satay" was a BOMB!!!!vanished in second after the food tasting moment...yummeh!!!!!guess will try to do myself some other day!

Thursday, April 11

Amadeus Bistro&Wine Bar, K.L

Amadeus Bistro&Wine Bar is an upbeat, contemporary European Bistro serving some great European Cuisine. Strictly PORK-FREE!

First of all, thanks Amadeus Bistro&Wine Bar for the invitation of a Cocktail evening
 "Rock Me Amadeus"!
 This is due to the launch of their new menu with addition of Asian and Medditeranean dishes such as the significant Nasi Lemak!yuhhoooo...really??YES!!

Free flow of their sexy cocktails made by their Mixologist from 6pm-8pm.
 too bad I reach there late at around 7something...=__= haiz...thanks to the traffic jam! 
highly affordable selection of popular European wines are only priced between RM18 – RM26 per glass. 

Wednesday, April 10

Oblivion premiere screening, GSC One Utama

If you love tom cruise go ahead but story line wise....a bit boring..... of tom cruise don't shoot me yah
hmmm sorry just not my cuppa tea =P

some sneak peek idea for what can you expect from this movie....

Thursday, April 4

WeChat Malaysia official launch, Neverland K.L.

 I Chat....You Chat...why not WeChat together????seems like everyone chatting about something at Neverland, K.L.. 

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