Friday, March 15

"Reach Your Dream" Nuffnang Youth Credit Card Design Contest

ohh forgive me that I need to draw it myself instead of using any software to design the credit card *like a PRO* but i'm NOT!... I wish but I have zero knowledge with it...Therefore I decided to scribble my idea in microsoft "PAINT"... oh my gosh I know that is the most traditional way....hahahahhaha

anyways, here's my simple idea and design for the Youth Credit Card.
I named it 
"Reach Your Dream"
So basically my idea is from the point of view of YOUTH....
Nowadays, many of the youth tend to forget that it's their OWN HAND that leads them to their DREAM!!!
Hopefully by using my drawing on this Youth Credit Card, it will always reminds them to reach their dream...

To every YOUTH out there,
with your own hand!!!! 

good luck...=)

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