Thursday, March 28

Coffee Berry @ Cheras

"A friendly and cozy café, serving a wide range of western and local delicacies at affordable price."

I didn't notice this cafe until I heard about this drink....."Potted Chococolate"....sounds special and weird right? and so decided to hunt for it since the cafe was located just around my school....So here you are...

it's a simple cafe like old town...

So I tag along my friend, Lester for a short breakie session since he is a chocoholic like me to share the new Potted Chocolate Drink!!!

I ordered my toasted tuna sandwich...Slightly crispy bread toast~ 

He ordered spaghetti....but the presentation wasn't that promising to me...hmmmm....what do you think?
However the taste still ok~ =) 

Potted Chocolate

The presentation of this drink is quite special but I don't really impressed by the taste...for me it tasted like normal blended milo drink instead of chocolate taste~ just my two cent... 

Anyways, it's a hidden cafe and it's good  for a chit chat session with your friend....=)

Continue my HUNT for chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!

Checkout more at...

Coffee Berry facebook page:

Coffee Berry website:

Jalan 1/119a, Taman Bukit Hijau, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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