Friday, March 8

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Year of Snake and I'm getting more and more lazy...*hibernate mode*
ohhh forgive me for the extremely late you can see my life was filled with overloaded activities from school to church to choir and the upcoming performance at KLPAC..will update that later as soon as I get my energy back from all the hectic schedule....So, I believe if you notice me well, I get very active in instagram lately than blogging....coz it's the simplest way to get you updated!hahahahahah....lazy me...
but anyhow, will try my best to compile everything in my blog bits by bits...hoooh...I reached home at least midnight everyday and not even seeing my mom and dad for twice in a week....gosh~

ok...finish update on myself
now it's some relax picture moment with +Churpchurp and I was invited as one of the churpers to join in the lousang #churpout event...Hence, this time I call upon a rare guest~~~~hahahaha.....check it out!

Before getting in, we drop our "BIG LETTER" *in canton* here....guess which is mine? XP

boss from The Vault

Why is she so happy????

Well, check this out.....

never underestimate @kianfai87!!!!!XD
well done!!! 

Our winner!geng!


they set up a nice booth and provided us with some props to shoot on!!
my foodie friend =)

this is my first ever polaroid pic....I'm such a happy kampung girl having it.....*happy like a kiddo*=P 
my rare guest....hahahahahah

photo credited: jessying

a collage of the night where I posted in my instagram earlier....that sums up my fun night at the vault =)
Thanks Churp Churp for the invite! =]

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