Friday, March 29


Wedding photography 

Baby potrait

Toddler potrait

Adult Portrait

Contact me for any photography project....Thanks!


Thursday, March 28

Coffee Berry @ Cheras

"A friendly and cozy café, serving a wide range of western and local delicacies at affordable price."

I didn't notice this cafe until I heard about this drink....."Potted Chococolate"....sounds special and weird right? and so decided to hunt for it since the cafe was located just around my school....So here you are...

Wednesday, March 27


"Tokyo Kitchen emphasize on healthy meal by Japanese style, no oil, less sugar, neutral salt, and more protein in authentic Japanese Restaurant"

Here's my first visit to Setia Walk, Puchong and my first indulgence at Tokyo Kitchen...For you guys who never been to Setia Walk, it is located opposite of Tesco. You can spot it easily from the main road. This is a new place where I spotted some food chain mushrooming there....So what can you expect from their menu? Read about here....  
Believe me, you'll be mesmerized by their design, interior and the decor of TOKYO KITCHEN once you pass by. Kinda impressed by the wishing tag hanging all over the entrance...So TOKYO!!!!hahahahah....
***what kind of description is this....XD

Samsung Galaxy Note II Pink

PINK= Hello Kitty????not anymore.....
Samsung Galaxy Note II pink is up for grab and I bet lots of girls will gone mad with this...It is so pastel pink just like a flower. The pastel pink is so sweet and lovely. Just nice to show off among your friends and colleagues! The best part is the pastel pink suits nicely to my lifestyle! 

Look how lovely is the pastel pink here....even the note pen is in pink!!!! So when I go out with my Samsung Galaxy Note II, I'll definitely put on a pastel pink nail colour. Look how matching is it. It's like a whole package here...Plus, not forgetting my outfit and shoes.. I can play around with lovely pastel colour and stun  the crowd.

Monday, March 18

FREE egg mcmuffin today!!!

no more monday blue when you get something free....
hahahahaha.....tats human.....easily satisfied with free breakfast!
Actually I wasn't interested to go for this because I expect to see a huge crowd....
YES for the crowd but NOPE for the Drive-thru ones...

Friday, March 15

"Reach Your Dream" Nuffnang Youth Credit Card Design Contest

ohh forgive me that I need to draw it myself instead of using any software to design the credit card *like a PRO* but i'm NOT!... I wish but I have zero knowledge with it...Therefore I decided to scribble my idea in microsoft "PAINT"... oh my gosh I know that is the most traditional way....hahahahhaha

anyways, here's my simple idea and design for the Youth Credit Card.
I named it 
"Reach Your Dream"
So basically my idea is from the point of view of YOUTH....
Nowadays, many of the youth tend to forget that it's their OWN HAND that leads them to their DREAM!!!
Hopefully by using my drawing on this Youth Credit Card, it will always reminds them to reach their dream...

To every YOUTH out there,
with your own hand!!!! 

good luck...=)

Thursday, March 14

FREE McDonald's McMUFFIN on 18 March 2013

Mark your calendar.

Watch out for the world’s biggest breakfast giveaway…. like you’ve never seen before! 
this is what I get last year by drive-thru....hahahahaha just for my mama and papa....=P

Checkout McDonald's FB page for more info:

Wednesday, March 13

La Mexicana Recipe

I named it La Mexicana simply because Chachos, Parmesan Cheese, and potatoes reminds me of a very Mexican way.... =) So it's been a long looooooooong time since I share my homebake, homemade or should I say my experiment here....Sorry for being lazy...=P
Ok so here's a simple recipe of my experiment and surprisingly I won number three for this dish!

Basically here's the main idea of my La Mexicana.....I didn't state quantity for the ingredients asit might vary for different portion and according to your taste..So...enjoy the recipe!


  • US Russet Potatoes
  • chachos
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Prego sause
  • sliced mushroom button
  • diced luncheon meat
  • fine chopped onion
  • pinch of salt
  • butter

1)Steamed US Russet Potatoes until it's soft(you can check by using a fork to fork in), mashed it and set aside.
2) Heat up a pan and melt the butter.
3) Add in finely chopped onion, fried until you can smell the fragrant from the butter and onion.
4) Add in diced luncheon meat, sliced mushroom button, Prego sauce and mix everything plus a pinch of salt.
5) Now you can mix the mashed potatoes together with your sauce. There are two choices where you can present your La Mexicana. It's either to spoon it into muffin cup or just put everything in a tray(just like lasagna. 
6) My best part!! topped it with Parmesan Cheese....lots!!!!!!The more the merrier and baked it!
7) Last but not least, Chachos time and enjoy your La Mexicana.... =)

in muffin tray of six

in a tray

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Tuesday, March 12

Ridzuan & XueLi Wedding Day

a mixed culture wedding.....
a tied between Chinese and Malay family...   
together they start a new chapter....

Sunday, March 10

IPPUDO's RAMEN at Pavilion, KL

Internationally acclaimed Japanese Ramen is now in Malaysia!!!

checkout which ramen wins my heart at the end of the post...=)
located at Lot C4.07.00, Connection Level 4, Pavilion KL, No 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang.

[info taken from IPPUDO Malaysia fb page]
IPPUDO was founded in 1985 in Japan’s ramen capital of Hakata by Shigemi Kawahara, the internationally renowned Ramen King and CEO of Chikaranomoto Company, which encompasses some of Japan’s finest restaurants. There are over 65 stores in Japan, and globally in places such as New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Shanghai. IPPUDO has become the most popular ramen restaurant over the years. Kawahara was crowned Ramen King in 2005 and holds a place in the Ramen Hall of Fame after winning the championship 3 times consecutively between 1995-1998, on “TV Champion Ramen Chef,” a reputable Japanese television show produced by TV Tokyo.

Friday, March 8

#CNYCHURPOUT #friendship #bloggers #churpie

Year of Snake and I'm getting more and more lazy...*hibernate mode*
ohhh forgive me for the extremely late you can see my life was filled with overloaded activities from school to church to choir and the upcoming performance at KLPAC..will update that later as soon as I get my energy back from all the hectic schedule....So, I believe if you notice me well, I get very active in instagram lately than blogging....coz it's the simplest way to get you updated!hahahahahah....lazy me...
but anyhow, will try my best to compile everything in my blog bits by bits...hoooh...I reached home at least midnight everyday and not even seeing my mom and dad for twice in a week....gosh~

ok...finish update on myself
now it's some relax picture moment with +Churpchurp and I was invited as one of the churpers to join in the lousang #churpout event...Hence, this time I call upon a rare guest~~~~hahahaha.....check it out!

Friday, March 1

Bloggers Help to Spread Love for the Children at the Penang Shan Children’s Home Association

Penang, 3rd February 2013 — About 40 bloggers and public visited the Penang Shan Children’s Home Association to distribute food, beverages and gadgets, sponsored by various commercial entities. It’s a philanthropic exercise not only by businesses in executing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but by everyone to give back to the society, thus making life more bearable for everyone in need.The event is made possible by Crowdpot Sdn Bhd (Event Organizer), Ninetology Malaysia, SUBWAY® (Suntech, iAvenue, & Leith Street branches), Chatime Malaysia, Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. and Alextan Artworks.

Bloggers Help to Spread Love for the Children at the Children’s Protection Society

The Children’s Protection Society (CPS) began as an initiative of Dato’ Nazir Ariff when he was President of the Rotary Club in Penang (1991). It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization catering to the needs of neglected and/or abandoned children in Penang. It was officially launched in April 1992 by Puan Sri Chua Kah Peng. The objectives of CPS are both immediate and longer-term. The immediate objective is to provide children at risk with a safe, supportive and conducive environment (Shelter). Their concerned and focused areas include the emotional and physical development, education, social and recreational skills. At the same time, CPS aims to work with parents and other family members, so that the child can eventually be reunited with his/her family. In the pipeline, they hope to support projects to enhance community-based facilities for childcare and development in areas where such facilities are lacking. They also try to promote a more general awareness of the issues relating to children at risk by being involved in training and discussions. Hence they work together with various government and non-government organizations to help to develop longer-term strategies and goals.

Bloggers Help to Spread Love for the Children at The Ramakrishna Ashrama

About 40 bloggers and public visited The Ramakrishna Ashrama in Penang to distribute food, beverages and gadgets, sponsored by various commercial entities on 3rd February 2013. It’s a philanthropic exercise not only by businesses in executing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but by everyone to give back to the society, thus making life more bearable for everyone in need.

The event is made possible by Crowdpot Sdn Bhd (Event Organizer), Ninetology Malaysia, SUBWAY® (Suntech, iAvenue, & Leith Street branches), Chatime Malaysia, Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. and Alextan Artworks.

The Ramakrishna Ashrama (Orphanage), Penang is a charitable organization founded in 1938 under the inspiration and guidance of His Holiness Swami Bhaswarananda Maharaj who was then stationed at The Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore. Apart from spiritual activities, the Ashrama runs an orphanage, catering for both boys and girls with ages ranging from 6 to 20 years old. The orphanage admits needy orphaned children who are poor and need the help from the society to assist them with basic needs and education. The children in the home are given proper education and are well cared for so that they will grow up to be useful citizens. Besides education, the girls learn traditional dancing, cooking and housekeeping. Children excelling well academically are encouraged to pursue higher education.

How to help The Ramakrishna Ashrama?

1. Sponsoring a Child Program:
The estimated cost to support a child at Ramakrishna Ashrama RM1,500 per annum. The breakdown cost is as follows.
 Education: RM500
Food: RM600
Maintenance: RM300
Miscellaneous: RM100

2. Donation:

Donation to The Ramakrishna can be done only via CIMB Cares (

Orphan Admission:
A child with either no parents or with a single parent who supports the child can be admitted to the Ashrama under the following circumstances:
- He/She is from age 6 and above.
- The parent or relatives has no means of supporting the child.
- The child has been mistreated or abused.
(Referred by the Jabatan Kebajikan Negeri or community leaders)

Other Information:
The Ramakrishna Ashrama
No 37, Jalan Scotland, 10450 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-2270869
Fax: 04-2278921
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