Friday, February 1

my 1st CNY drum performance conducted in school

It was a 1:26 minutes performance but the training is really a hell tiring one for me..
Being a one year old newbie teacher in this primary school, everything still considered new and inexperience for me. But then 2013 has yet just started, I already received a call from a senior teacher who in-charge in CNY performance saying that: "yinyin, can you come out with a Chinese New Year performance in school, maybe something like drum performance?". At first I was like huh??....My mind started to shiver...such a huge project! I really don't know am I able to handle it...What if I failed to train them?? Come on...just a week plus to the actual least you inform me earlier...but yes, I nodded to her simply because I feel that I got the responsible as a music teacher and so I took the challenge with fear and uncertainty. I started to concern on many aspects such as time constrains, what to use in the drumming performance, Hell yoo I only have a week plus time and I even have to sacrifice my BM lesson just to train them everyday to make sure they are up to the standard to go up stage...As I don't want something boring from my kids and get bOOOooooo by the crowd..

The idea of using water bucket instead of the real drum just flash through my mind and what to use in the drumming....chopstick?no too small...after a few selection, I came across using the tik-tok stick as mallet (drum stick) because it creates the best sound!Next, I need to come out with the score of rhythm patterns, something like 24 Chinese Drum (24节令鼓). Actually I had no idea how it is. My general idea on 24 Chinese Drum is that...there is a bunch of 24 people playing some rhythm and some creative movement...that's it!!!So again, I have to research research and research to find what's the secret behind the rhythm last I found the pattern of it!But in the same time, I burn lots of mind energy and nights doing home work.arghhhh~~~~getting stress as seriously I got no time!!!I drafting out the drumming pattern in my mind while driving, bathing, huh.....burst out of my mind!

walking in my year two class, looking in the eye of a bunch of noisy plus blur blur kids who is still in the midst of knowing how to form a sentence..I was like "OK,  I will either die in the process of training..." I started with a tap of one bar rhythm pattern "dum tak dum dum tak" can ask them to play it row by row...out of 49 student, I only got 5 of them who can do the pattern. My heart sank......(T____T) shoot me!!!!!How on earth I can come out with a bunch of 24 Drummer????gasp~

This is the hardest part that I've ever gone through with them...given one week time and what we can do is nothing much than drilling and discipline. I raise my voice all the time during training, almost lost my voice..Those kids somehow got excited when they have a pair of drumstick in hand and those drumming can get so noisy easily! "不要吵,静,listen LISTEN listen" became my quote~~~gosh...
Basically I didn't give them any score to see...coz I wanna do an experiment on them and see whether memorizing rhytm pattern works!YES, it works at last!!! I felt proud for them entered the third day of practice as they can complete the whole score in just 3days time!!! But of course it didn't stop there as I want something more from them....So, I keep on modify and adding some more stuff to challenge those kids with movements and some shouting part "HEY HA..." to spice up the performance...As it's nearer to the actual day, I getting more and more strict with their performance. One single mistake and I will ask them to do it all over again and again. I think some of them phobia with TEACHER YIN dy....XD but who cares???I just want to best in them! and to prove to their mom and dad they can! During the practices, few of them actually hurt themselves accidentally...bleeding....and stuff...tiredness....sweat..When I ask them "are you ok?"and they will answer "nevermind teacher..." and then continue our practice...That moment really touched my heart. Although they always put me in anger during the practice and not serious about it..but in their small heart, they still wanna go for the performance~Thank you kids!

Performance Day
The very last minute before they go up the stage, I "brainwash"   give them courage by telling them" You guys can do it!!!Give your best shot!" looking at their confident faces, they seems like grew matured in mind after the devil liked more blur blur...hahahahah....the last pose and shoutout "HEY YA" ended our one week plus training!!!and in my heart, I'm satisfied with their performance!good job kids! They might little but they are MIGHTY! I'm glad that we gone through the hardships together secretly without the notice of other teachers in school...So no one really know what we had gone through...At last I bought DOMINO's for them for their hardships...some teacher commented why spend for them?just some small stuff like sweets is fair enough....but in me, I had gone through many things with my kids from day 1 of practice till the day of performance and they deserve a treat from me... =)

At last, you know what happen to the fate of their water bucket?
CRACKED!!!!!hahahahahah....I saw some of them dumb beside the rubbish bin...wooootssss..luckily no parents come and complaint...XP

 mallet: they are actually tik-tok stick

woooo~~~~my pocket money fly~~~but they deserve it...thanks for ur cooperation kids!

a video of them during the performance:

Lastly, I wanna shout out loud
"YEA!!!!!! We still alive~~~~~"
continue my passion in MUSIC...
recharge my battery aftermath...

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