Wednesday, February 27

Tickling My Tastebuds

I wonder what is your first expression when you see this....
Dessert is the best medicine for stress and therefore, I love dessert very much! I believe every girls love desserts more than anything...For me, I could giveup my main course just for a piece of cake. This photo was taken when I was having a nice dessert partying time at Intercontinental's Sunday Brunch Buffet with my dear family. What I love about the dessert here is that you will have split of choices and the best part is, the sweetness is fine for me. I hate something which is too sweet. You could find dessert such as lamington, chocolate fountain, rocky road,puddings....etc. Just can't wait to.fork in.  One word, INDULGENCE!!!!!!

Friday, February 22

my all-time favourite music album conjunction of the coming Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash, I would like to dedicate my all time favourite music album to Nuffnang as a gift! Happy B-DAY Nuffnang!!!wish you forever young and HYPER with lots of nice, fun, exciting events and activities!!!!!!Thanks for all the opportunities that you've given to us from time to time! =)

Here's my all time favourite music album for Nuffnang:


  1. Birthday by Flo Rida
  2. We Are Young by Teenage Color
  3. Up All Night by One Direction
  4. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
  5. Diamonds by Rihanna
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Friday, February 1

my 1st CNY drum performance conducted in school

It was a 1:26 minutes performance but the training is really a hell tiring one for me..
Being a one year old newbie teacher in this primary school, everything still considered new and inexperience for me. But then 2013 has yet just started, I already received a call from a senior teacher who in-charge in CNY performance saying that: "yinyin, can you come out with a Chinese New Year performance in school, maybe something like drum performance?". At first I was like huh??....My mind started to shiver...such a huge project! I really don't know am I able to handle it...What if I failed to train them?? Come on...just a week plus to the actual least you inform me earlier...but yes, I nodded to her simply because I feel that I got the responsible as a music teacher and so I took the challenge with fear and uncertainty. I started to concern on many aspects such as time constrains, what to use in the drumming performance, Hell yoo I only have a week plus time and I even have to sacrifice my BM lesson just to train them everyday to make sure they are up to the standard to go up stage...As I don't want something boring from my kids and get bOOOooooo by the crowd..

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