Wednesday, January 9

WeChat Samsung Galaxy Note II Promo at Moola

Wondering how you can participate in the WeChat Samsung Galaxy Note II Promo? Here's how -

1. Scan the ID to follow Moola on WeChat

2. Share the Samsung Galaxy Note II promotion either on your WeChat Moments / Facebook timeline / Twitter page

3. Take a snapshot of how you share the promotion and send it to Moola via WeChat!

a screenshot of my Facebook Wall Share...

a screenshot of my Facebook Page Share.....

a screenshot of my share on Twitter...

Remember to also like Moola FB page at

Hurry! Only 3 more days for a chance to win a Samsung Note II!

Checkout Moola Facebook page for more!

and also Moola's official website:

I have joined and have my own WECHAT it's a trend of WECHAT, gotta explore what's so special about it!
you can be the next lucky winner...
Good Luck guys!!! =)
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