Friday, January 18

The Impossible

First of all thanks to nuffnang to make this possible for me to be at the nuffnang premier screening of

If you still remember the deadliest natural disasters on record years back in 2004....
the day after Christmas....
26 DECEMBER 2004...
many lives were taken away by wave....

This is based on a TRUE STORY...
So every of the scene touched my heart deeply..
guess this is one of the selling point of the movie!

Because it occurred in the Christmas season and hit many resort area beaches its death toll of almost 250,000 was indiscriminate, taking not only South Asians but many visiting vacationers. People everywhere were affected by it. 

They have based themselves on detailed interviews with the family members and with other survivors, some of whom actually appear in the film. One British family on vacation in Thailand from Japan, but their film uses that family as a catalyst to show the tsunami's awful effect not only on the tourist population but on the local people who suffered even more.

Here's a picture of the cast and the real family whom survived from the nature disaster....

So...what can you expect from the movie?

  • scenes of its striking are horrific enough to give some sense of its magnitude, even on the screen.
  • the film works and gives a view that is both visually impressive and dramatically moving.
  • lots of touching moment going on and most of the people around are busy weeping tears
  • very inspirational thoughts and spirit of fighting for survive, lots of courage and tough decision
  • Gross moments where blood, vomit scene, rows of dead bodies...., making me a little uneasy
  • happy ending   

me and esther at GSC screening night

Quotation of the entire movie:
"Close your eyes and think of something good..."

might evoke your feelings so do bring along a box of tissue...XD
enjoy your movie!!!
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